when a woman is played..

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  1. is it not just the woman playing herself into believing that the guy actually cares?

    just an observation seems like 9/10 the girl is in denial. either that or theyre blind.
  2. It's biology deciding.
  3. care to elaborate?

    seems like the girl is ready to give the guy her all, but she knows she wont receive the same in return, the guy will only give her a little piece and thats where the problem lies for the woman, she can either accept this fact and not engage, or deny it and go along with the uneven relationship.

    but id like to hear a females point of view.

    this thread was inspired by the turn ons/off thread by the way lol
  4. Uh no.
    It sounds like you're trying to put a woman who's been played at fault 9times out of 10...

    A woman would believe the guy cares because he is pretending to feel that way in order to get laid. AKA PLAYING her. It's not her fault she begins to feel for him and believe him, since that is his plan from the get go...

    If she knew she was getting played and went along with it then that would constitute as denial. But in most cases, the female is looking for a good guy and the guy is playing that role to get what he wants by deceiving her and leading her to believe he wants a relationship as well.
  5. I believe what you're saying to be correct, but it's not just females.

    I actually see it alot more with guys, even guys on this forum. They meet a chick who "seems" to like them, they continue to talk then one day the communication just stops and they're left wondering.

    What i think is happening is people are moving too fast in their minds. They believe that this person is awesome and since they like them, the feelings have to be mutual. So, they build this delusion where this person is theirs.... then when this person feels uncomfortable, they flee.

    Idk if it makes sense, but i definitely agree that many people SUCK at reading motives.

    FYI, we know when we're being played, but most don't admit it because they want the "love" to be real. Denial.
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    thats what im sayin, she must be blind.

    i like what girly said, i do often see it in guys too. i know a bored lady thats puppeting 3 different guys lol
  7. Hence the term, 'being played'.
  8. When a woman stays in a relationship eventhough she knows she's being played, is called 'playing it back'.
  9. lol i know what it is, i just want insight from the lady blades.

    and a couple that cant outscheme each other will make for a very intense relationship..mentally unhealthy tho hahaha

  10. It's not being blind. It's just not automatically assuming a person is pretending (then waiting till that person proves otherwise). Some targets just aren't yet jaded enough to assume the worst. Some players are very good actors.
  11. idk its just weird to me how some really cant see through it.
    i mean even the greatest actors have flaws you know..its plain to seeee but i guess we're all on different brain frames.
  12. Hmmm really good question. I think to an extent, a woman can be played. Let's just be honest, there are some very STUPID girls out there. They could completely miss the intention of the guy.

    But women do have a tendency to be able to read the emotions of people so much better than men, it is a biological skill. So most of the time I feel like they are in denial... or simply /want/ to be played.
  13. its all part of a game called life. live and learn:p
  14. This is entirely my theory, but I think the OP is in love with a girl who is currently being played.
  15. Love is blind, and all of that shit.
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    lol no not really. its actually an observation of the women that chase me. i dont play them because its way too easy though. did it a couple times but i find no excitement in it now, id rather be around ones that are on my level.. i do dislike being tied down sometimes though, so i find women with similar views. not really lookin for the one yet

    i lust a lot. like fuck if i see it, ima take that ass right quick hahahaha
    yall heard it here from tha professa

  17. What if the woman is the one who is playing the man.......
  18. then we label that "man" a sucka.
  19. I believe that a lot of the time people don't realize they are getting played. I also believe people play themselves by reading too much into something.

    I don't think its the persons fault or that they're in denial when they are getting lied to (unless its very clear the person is lying). Some people lie very well...

    The person is playing themself though if the other person never said how they felt and they just assumed that person felt the same. Then its their fault.
  20. good insight from everyone. i like hearing your perspectives

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