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  1. Is there anyway that you could keep the title up, because half the time if i see a thread I posted in got deleted i have no idea what that thread was about.

    And plus it could be a way so people lean what you can and cannot post. (I know there's the rules but lets face it alot of people dont read them) I did though :)
  2. do you have an example?

    any deleted threads should still have the thread title and a reason for deletion as well.
  3. The thread titles stay. I just checked the ones I deleted in the Box and the titles are there.

    The only time they disappear is in the rep system. If a thread is deleted and you received rep for a post within it, the title disappears. That's the only place and we have no control over that.
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    When you go into the sections where you can "View More Posts By *member*", if a thread gets deleted, it ends up missing from there... That could be what OP is talking about.

    EDIT: Nvm... I just re-read the OP, and realized I'm retarded. :laughing: :gc_rocks:

    @ OP, when a thread gets deleted, it usually gets buried by new threads fairly quickly... So you may have to browse through a few pages to find the deleted thread.
  5. This is what I mean:


    Sorry that pic came up kinda small

    It only says the name of the person who created it
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    DMG, have you ever noticed the titles or are they just all of a sudden missing?

    See, as Forum Admin, I see everything. When I went in as a Guest, I saw no deletion notices at all, which is fine for a guest. When I went in as a Registered Member, I saw the deletion notices but without titles for the thread...like you.

    So, have you ever been able to see the titles or is that how it's always been for you?
  7. I believe if you delete your own thread, you can see the title after deletion, but not otherwise
  8. No ive never been able to see em. Its always kind of bothered me, but I just thought that today id ask you guys about it.

    And ya i can see the title if i delete MY thread, but otherwise not. Like sky dog said.
  9. I just posted but my post disappeared. Weird stuff today.

    See, I never come here as a Registered member, just as me (Forum Admin) so the titles are always there with deleted threads. I was very surprised when I signed in as a Registered member and saw no titles. It actually sucks.

    I'll try to hunt down a way to change it and take care of it because it does F with things a bit when the title don't show. I'll also let the Mods and Super Mods know about this until a fix can be found.

    Thanks so much for bringing it up; otherwise, we'd never know. :D
  10. Well, i guess this would be the time to ask, but if a thread i got rep for is deleted, do i still get the rep or is it void then? :D
  11. Haha, thank you RMJL for taking time out of your day to address my issue. I kinda thought you guys knew about it, but ya its been frustrating me for awhile now lol.

    and girlys I think that you still get the rep, but im not 100% sure.
  12. Oh shit... I misunderstood completely. Sorry, lol.

    I don't know about the rep question. I know the link to your post gets replaced with a "N/A"... And it still shows up in your User CP, with the message... But I'm not sure if the points get taken away or not. I would assume not... But I'm batting 0 for 2 today, so not sure how good my assumptions are right now, lol.
  13. Hahaha its all good cottons :)
  14. It's okay cottons, i think it stays on there, but i wanted to be sure. It happened once when i started posting, so it doesn't matter, but i figured I'd remember for future reference. ;)
  15. the rep points stay if the post/thread is deleted.

    and that sucks about the thread titles, i always thought they were visible.
  16. I agree with the general consensus in here, i wish i could see the deleted thread's title, it kinda pisses me off when i see a deleted thread without a name and wonder which one it was
  17. I don't remember at all if there's a setting to leave the thread titles up when they're soft-deleted...I don't think that there is.
  18. Deleted thread titles have never been visible to me and I've been here since april.

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