When a dealer has a bitch fit.

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  1. What up Gc. so i call this guy that i have been going to due to my real dealer being unreliable lately. but usually im with my other buddy and he calls. so i call this guy up and im like sup man its me D im usually kickin it with H and i pick up dro from you some times. and ive picked up from him multiple times guys its not like he didnt remember me.so this is kind of how the conversation went

    me-"so can i get a half man?"

    him-"well your usually with h when you pick up from me and its just i dont know you that well to do that big of business with you"

    me"alright man well i guess ill get it from somebody else

    him-"well you gotta look at it from my perspective dude."

    me-"alright man ill get it from someone else

    him-"well whos wait wait whos it for ? you? your buddy?"

    me-"me dude...."

    him-"well let me weight what i got and see if i can do it"

    A half hour goes by and i text him and i say " well is that a no then ?"

    he text 15 MOre minutes after and says no i had to handle other business im weighing my shit now. he says he can do it for 130 and i say cool. but hes not mobile so he says he can get a ride in like 15 minutes. well my guy i usually get dro finally calls back and says he can get me for 120 so im like shit yeah and i text the other guy " sorry man i dont need that anymore. then he texts me this

    "Do me a favor. Dont waste my fucking time. dont call me"

    Then i said dude your a fuckin pussy you were sketched for a hour to sell me a half ounce , so you dont waste my time because nobody wants your skimped weed or your shitty service. and i hope you get jacked like you always do

    And his sacks are ok somtimes but other times its just some bullshit because of how much i buy from him and wait and shit. then he texts me h

    your the one a bout to get jacked. im a veteran in the game ive been doin this since you were in diapers .you should save your money and get out of the game now while you can since nobodys gonna want your 110 bammer.

    Lol i dont even sell weed this is all personal. hes just a little bitch and hes only like 20. hes been jacked multiple times and pretty much everyone hates him.:smoking:ahhhh i love when dealers think they are like a scarface and can talk like they run shit and are important people.i got some dank early girl for 120 cheeeeuh
  2. Yo he must be a badass, he sells weed!!! You'd think he would learn from getting jacked so much..
  3. yeah i dont think he could handle talking all the shit in person but hes pretty good at texting.i wasnt about to have a arguement in a text though lol
  4. lol this guy's an idiot
    it is a business you cant just be rude to your customers and expect them to come back
  5. Yeah, i would be mad too if i arranged to get a ride to sell YOU a half ounce and after all that you say 'sorry nvm'.
  6. To be honest, you both sound immature. While he may have started it, you shouldn't have responded by calling him a fucking pussy and all that you said. A simple "lern 2 biznez" would have sufficed haha you don't need to burn bridges, you just lost a somewhat decent backup connect.
  7. You kinda did waste his time though.
  8. When you said he was havin a bitch fit you wasn't kidding man hahahaha but i'll admit come from his standpoint it's a lil messed up to just ditch it like that but it happens. I always reccomend bein like "Yo I can get the same sack right now for 10 bucks less can you do better" That way it's his fault he got fucked over cause he can't match the prices.
  9. Cool story Hansel.
    Don't take it so seriously. perhaps you should try to see it from his perspective. Being a dealer is sketchy, the dude doesn't want to get popped. And it sounds like he has even more reason to be sketched out if he's been jacked that many times. He doesn't have to sell to you. You're not entitled to his bud. However, I can see why you would be pissed about him wasting your time. Honestly it's not that big of a deal though, so let it go.
  10. To be honest, I kind of understand being pissed. I think he was over reacting and is probably a jerk, but you had already made a deal, and he arranged to come to you, and then for like, ten bucks, you wasted all of his time.
  11. sounds like he was annoyed cuz you called it off.
    then again I'd call someone else to see what's around.
  12. Yeah like really... he's gone to the trouble of getting a ride sorted and you turn around and say no because you got $10 off. I would be pissed too.
  13. Damn thats funny
  14. Ha fuck that guy. If he's not speedy with his shit he is gonna lose bussiness and any good dealer would know that.

    This guy sounds dumb though. Watch out, dumb people do dumb shit.
  15. look man hes wasted my time multiple times and called off a sack. i didnt have to say sorry , and he didnt arrange the ride, he was gonna go hang out anyways. he skimps me at least a little everytime and takes for ever and i was gonna stop buying from him anyways. he isnt reliable and i just had enough of his shit im not gonna give him business if he dosent get me right and makes me wait like a half hour just for him to respond or 'weigh' his shit. youd have to know the guy to see my situation.and i decided to go out with a bang because i dont need anyone to come at me like a bitch

  16. i originally had a plan to go up the way he lived so i could catch another bus to the mall to buy some t shirts and spray paint. i could have walked to his house if i wanted to but after a half hour i missed the bus and i didnt even want to go the mall anymore.i bought weed from somebody else for a better price, and is closer, my main dude, and is always reliable most of the time. why would i not go to this guy? because i give a shit about a dealer who has stood me up on deals before? I could have been much more rude trust me, i planned on stopping from buying this guy because he has shitty service.I dont think you guys get i said sorry lol. and you said im not entitled to his weed. i know that. thats why i didnt buy it..ive always hated him so fuck him. i like his weed, not himi simply wont buy from anymore its simple
  17. oh and he didnt arrange the ride he was gonna go somewhere anyways. i offered to walk to his mother fucking house people. that is a pretty far fucking walk. hes just a lazy fat fuck who wont walk to meet half way . i dont got time to wait i had places to go and he made me miss my bus so i said fuck his route all togethor.:)
  18. That guy was fuckin pissed. I bet you ruined his whole day.

    Good jod.
  19. This.
  20. yeah son ill come at him brotha lynch style:cool:

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