When a cop got blazed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mr.Nugg, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. 3 of my boys and I had patiently awaited a 3-ounce delivery of kind bud to my boy's cheesesteak store all night. Unfortunately, when the delivery arrived, it was one ounce, yet still nice. Anyway, Vin decided a fat ass blunt would nicely repay his boys for waiting with him. Needless to say, he rolled one of the largest ones I'd ever seen. We proceeded to his vehicle in the parking lot equipped with the blunt and the remainder of the zip on his pocket. We smoked, and smoked...and smoked some more, then smoked a little more. Eventually, only a roach remained. Yet just as we tapped out the roach, headlights pulled into the parking lot. Are those lights on the roof? Ah, yes. No, awww FUCK. We quickly lit up cigarettes and shadily tried to back up. I instructed Vin to hide the bud where his johnson rests, since they do not pat ya down where the sun don't shine. On went the lights, on went the sirens. We stopped and without any time to even roll down the windows, the oinker approached, banging on the window. OPEN THE WINDOW, he yelled. Vin opened the window and more smoke than the aftermatch of Hiroshima poured into his face. Oooohhhh wow, I thought. Wonderful. His reaction was as expected..."What the FUCK? Are you fucking morons smoking fucking weed in a fucking...bluh bluh bluh" I was too busy laughing in my head to listen to the rest. "Where the fuck is the weed?" Ha, in our lungs and under Vin's scrotum ya dickhead. Yet there was no hiding. Vin calmly opened the door, stood up, went into his pocket, and pulled out the ounce in all it's glory. "WHAT THE FUCK!" I thought to myself. Hoooly shit responded the pork, primed to send our asses to jail. Might I add, in my Philly suburb an ounce of weed being found isn't exactly a regular occurance. And then it happened. Don't mark my words that he was blazed, but something came over him. Ya know what, he said...it's your lucky night. I'm gonna let ya go. Unreal Vin, you stupid shit. He stomped out the reefer, spread it allllll over the parking lot, and took off. Vin was only angry he lost his ounce. I had a funny story to tell. So, was the cop blazed?
  2. Hahahahah! That's mad. Pitty about the weed though. I doubt the cop was blazed, probably just doesn't like the weed laws :) I mean truth is we aren't really criminals. We aren't hurting anyone. Stupid fucking laws man.
  3. Hey, where you from? i am in the suburbs of philly...
  4. his dumb lazy ass could not spell marijuana (did I sp right?) and didnt wanna write up the reports!
    Good for you!!!!!!!!
  5. wish it were that easy to score in MD
  6. Hatboro where u from??
  7. pretty glade there was only 1 ounce bought now instead of 3 right? Could of always been worse... a lot worse.
  8. Well considering i got family throughout the suburbs, i live in





    Blue Bell
  9. lol, i'm in that area too - though....I didnt get off when the cops came marching after me. :(

    how the fuck do they always know what we're doing, damit

    i used to like cops, but when i got busted it was by such a fucking asshole, ahh well...i need to smoke more, thats the only way out of this mess, haha

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