When a bro tries to show another bro his dick...

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  1. Alright so the other day I was over at my buddies house. There were quite a few people there when I arrived but after we had smoked for a while it had just died down to me and him. We're good friends, met last semester and are rooming together next year, so we've hung out a lot together and this was no different. Except that he went on about how some chick sucked his dick the other night and bit his cock so hard it left teeth marks... which he tried to show me. I just laughed, said "uh fuck no" and focused on loading the bowl we were about to smoke. Pretty sure he whipped it out but put it back after he saw I wasn't going to look.

    This didn't phase me when it happened, didn't think much of it. But I was talking to another dude today and my bro got brought up, then I was told that a lot of people thought he was gay. So after remembering what happened the other day, it got me thinking if there's more to it than just some rumors, what do you all think?

    Little info on him, he's a 19 year old white dude, fratty, womanizer, plenty of experience, none with men afaik; which is why the possibility never came to mind.

    Don't take this the wrong way either, I could care less which way he swings. More or less seeing if there's any psychological indications, feel free to ask questions if need info.
  2. I think you should find another roommate...
  3. nothing gay about sucking ur roommates dick. just go for it if you want to op
  4. is his name RJ?
  5. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable. :hide:
  6. Elaborate

    Nah bra

  7. nah man not a big deal.
    few of my old friends who i KNOW aren't gay always wanted to compare dick size and shit. i wouldn't think anything of it. sounds like the whole atmosphere wasn't gay or anything
  8. If you weren't looking, what makes you think he whipped it out?
  9. Nah it really wasn't, things carried on like normal right after. Just got my mind runnin when I talked to that guy and heard those rumors. You just start to wonder you know?

    "Pretty sure he whipped it out but put it back after he saw I wasn't going to look." And because of what he said...?
  10. So what?
  11. Ok... 2 options here:

    1) He wants you to show him your dick, and hopefully "experiment"

    2) He's just fooling around
  12. You didn't tell us what he said other than that he told you his story.
  13. Either he had teeth marks to show you or he wanted to see how you feel. Don't sweat it, it's over and done. You handled it well and he got his answer. Don't not room with him because of this....

    Just don't sleep on your stomach. :wave:
  14. haha god i hate when people act gay when there high i honestly think its an excuse for them to whip out there dick but trust me itll prob get worse good luck.
  15. I dont think the two week rule applies in college :laughing:
  16. Is he gay and retarded too? Because only a retarded gay person would try to flirt that way, by randomly whipping it out in front of a straight dude like yourself.

    My guess is that he's straight?...and a little strange
  17. maybe he's on the downlow, op. Just be careful or your asshole might be in for a rude awakening
  18. this dude hella reckless for whippin out his dick
  19. Hahahahahaha

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