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  1. ...


    600..601 posts motha fucka!:wave:

    .. but seriously these forums are some funky ass shit and I'm proud to be a blade..

  2. Damn, Last month...

    Seems like your been round longer.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. I thought he was a regular for awhile. Glad, I'm ending my 6 month bender. I have no memory or sense of time left...

    Congrats though! Glade you're a blade, as well. :smoke:
  4. Everyone has made me feel realy welcome.. maybe my vibe was there for the last two years of my reading without registering...
  5. You two man, 6 months?

    Seem like you been round longer.

    Maybe im jus stoned.

    Edit: Wait.


    You been here like over a year.

    You confused me.

    Im drunk.

  6. lol, nah. I haven't been on here for 6 months. I've just been drunk and high for the last 6 months and had no idea the OP was only around for a month.

    I've been here for about a year and a half now. :)
  7. Congrats on hittin 600! I'm surprised someone could make so many posts and earn so much rep in such a small timeframe. Somone seems deicated to the site....
  8. You're on like a Rasta_Man pace, damn dude, thats impressive.:p

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