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  1. It's Hellas hard to set up a grow tent in a chair....lol getting the lights up and running all the exhaust was not fun but I did it and now my plants are in their 5th week of flowering
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    I remember thinking my set out would be quick and easy but it was a bitch. I can't imaging doing that from a seat! But congrats on getting you grow going and enjoy your reward!

  3. This is the shit which inspires me!!!

    MF that don't let nothing stop him..
    If there is a will, there is a way...

    My hats off to ya Killer!!
    Post up some pics, would love to see'em... ;)
  4. 5th week of flowering

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  5. wow.... that is a very nice shot...

    keep up the hard work...

  6. Nice Killer!!!
  7. Nice job man. Great proof that it's only a "handicap" if you let it be. Enjoy.
  8. Thanks man ill have the..6 week pics up on Monday
  9. fucking beautiful man
  10. What tent are you using? DR120 has grate access (main door and 2 big side windows).
    P.S.It would be nice to see your set up,it can be really helpful for some people with limited mobility.
  11. This is the only pic of the tent I have right now ill try to take some more when the light come back on .....but my tent is 4x4 6/12 tall it has one big zipper door in the front 2 exhaust holes at the top and one intake at the bottom . I have a 600 w hps light a 9000 btu portable a/c a 6" big ass exhaust fan no clue what the brand name is but it works so good I had to get a speed controller to slow it down because it was sucking my tent in . I don't have a drain table or a rez I have to wait tell I get paid I only get 600 a month for disability but what I have works ok just a lot more work on watering days

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    Hey Killer,
    Not sure what kind of table and res you're going to use....

    But I did a hydro setup once for a guy in a chair..

    The way I did it so he could change his res when he needed to, I took two garden hoses and zip tied them together, one was a drain hose and the other was the fill hose...

    The line between his pump and table I added some garden hose fittings...

    Like in this pic...
    See the "green" garden hose fittings?????


    Then within his washer/dryer room I mounted a hose winder, and hooked one hose to the faucet, the other end of the hose I put a shut off valve...

    Like this one:

    The other hose (drain) I clamped into the washer basin tub...

    So when we wanted to drain his reservoir, all he had to do was unwind the hose to his system, unhook the table's supply line (green hose fitting between his pump to table), hook it up to the (drain) garden hose, and turn on his pump which drained the res into the washer tub...

    Then he used the other hose to fill the res...
    When he was done he just had to go in and crank the handle to wind up the hose....

    It worked out nicely for him and he loves it...

    Again not sure what system you're going to use, or how you're going to set it up, just maybe thought that would
    give you some ideas...

  13. Kool man thanks ill think of some thing like that I don't have a sink in my washer and dry room or a drain I think I'm going to get a drain table maybe 3x3 with a drain hose lower then the table and see if gravity do the work. and maybe a pump in the rez to pull water in .........will see how much work it would be and how much money I would need to do it

  14. Shit wish I was close to you...
    Most of the time I can raise enough sponsor money and dedicate time to set you up right... In my local area, I raise funds for people which are in need like yourself...

    That's what I do, setup medical grows and teach people which are in need..
    But before you buy anything, run your idea across the forum here and let the cool ass people here maybe give you some advise....
  15. What state you in
  16. more pics 5th week

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  17. Lookin good bro.

    Props on getting your room setup!
  18. Hey man nice grow like your buckets! Thinking if doing that sort of setup for maybe my next grow. Hope she smokes nice for you dude!
  19. Buckets are not mine but some thing I'm going to do with my next grow when I do six plants

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