Discussion in 'General' started by SingerK, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. I just pulled out my bowl, and it still has half a bowl packed in there! That's so exciting to me. I smoked up really late last night and like passed out...so I must've never finished it. I love it when shit like this happens
  2. yeah, i'm on a wake and bake..........weed for breakfast, lunch and aupper........mmmmmm Peace out..........Sid

  3. lol,well,mr. i can certainly see you had your breakfast, enjoy your lunch, and you "aupper" ;)


  4. i do that every so often; I only smoke half a bowl and put it away and then forget it's still in there until I take it out again. It's always great to know you don't need to pack too much since ya got some already. Usually seems to happen when I'm drunk and I can't hit the bowl any more.

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