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Whaz Zup

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wizards_bong, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Wwwhhhaaazzz Zzzuuuppp, hello everybody. Yeah im new, I heard about these forums from my brother. Seems like its full of cool people. Ive been smoking weed for over 6 years. I introduced it to my brother and hes been smoking for about 3 years now. I live in the USA and I hate how they feed so many people lies about marijuana. Every time one of those commericals comes on I feel like puking. Take a look at tobacco and alcohol how much of a problem is that. What also pisses me off is when I share my opinion on marijuana people are like if you dont like this country go somewhere else. I feel like slapping them and I usually tell them that we have a right to speak out against this countrys laws if you dont like that right you can go somewhere else. I would like to see marijuana legalized fully. I only use alcohol and marijuana. Nice to meet you all and KEEP IT REAL.
  2. Welcome to the city.... enjoy your stay!!!!
  3. Welcome to the City! I'd tell you to enjoy your stay but I think that's been covered so I'll just say "Stay Stoned."

    Is your brother a member?

  4. welcome to the city!! :)
  5. hahaha hey! nice meetin u and i'm sure you'll luv it here!
  6. Welcome to the city, I feel the same way about the bullshit commercials and laws.
  7. Yes my brother is a member of these forums his name is KmKStonedSour.

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