Whay I'm doing wrong? (Feeding,EC)

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    Hello cannabis growers,
    My baby's 1 week old and today was my first time that I feed them.
    I got 2 plants each one on 1 gallon pot,
    Before 3 days i give them 600ml water + 0.5 Cal/Mag.

    Today i Start to feed them with:
    600ml water (each one)
    0.5ml bio nova coco forte A
    0.5ml bio nova coco forte B
    0.5ml Cal/Mag

    EC numbers:
    Befor i feed them my EC was:
    1250EC (625ppm)
    After i feed them my drain EC was:
    Plant 1: 2350EC (1175ppm)
    Plant 2: 2750EC (1375ppm)

    Even if I'm first time grower i i know that somthing wrong, what I'm doing not right?!

    I read that every time i water my plants i i ne to get at least 10% drain
    *If i water with 600ml to get at least 60ml drain, is that right? Or there is some others checks to know i water right..

    **Edit: i add photos of my plans, they healthy and happy and i want to keep it that way.
    Thanks all

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  2. Someone please?
  3. The reason. Your numbers are so high is because it needs to get watered with nutes until 20% of the amount of water going in comes out the bottom .
  4. First time you collected and tested the runoff?
    typical results for that. The increase comes from the water washing some stuff out of the soil.
    Don't stress... Just be sure that your input water is as good as you can get it and as above, a good portion of the water is drained away to ensure the roots are refreshed every time.
    Be aware that if you let the pots get really dry, most of the water you put on them will drain away and you will still have dry pots. Water before the pot gets completely. dry.
  5. They are growing in coco not soil.
  6. I just thought about this too. When using coco you need to soak the pot with properly p.h. and low nutrient water. Then plant and water again. Coco has 0 nutrients in it.
  7. That's mean if i watered 600ml 120ml need to be drain? Thats Tht happen so maybe i need go with 700ml
  8. Ok i understand, so i i wi water the pots a little earlier then its completely dry.
    Because i check the top soil on the pot its dry, but when i go deep 2-3 cm its pretty moist
  9. No no more checking and stop calling it soil. Lol it literally works nothing like soil. No waiting for it to dry out at all pick a time say lights on if convenient for you, water every day to run off at that same time. Once plant is in later flower the watering needs to be bumped up to 2x a day some times even 3. The 20% is not exact, basicly you want enough to come out every time so that you can read it with your meter. Also dont waste your time with checking ph of run off it will not be correct, all you need to check from run off is ppm.
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  10. My bad I think its soil just trying to find npk ratio
  11. Soil based on peat, perlite and coconut fiber in the appropriate doses enriched with bormicolite and humus.
    This is the description what do you guys think it is?
  12. So when you say 20% drain. Is 20% of the pot size?
    Lets say my pot is 1 gallon, i need 20% drain from 1 gallon?
  13. No if you put in one gal you need
    20% of that. How ever much goes in you need 20% of that to drip out the bottom of the pot.

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