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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by thebeancounter, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Hi Ev'ry Budd-E!!

    I'm new to the forum but old hand to the reefer scene.41yrs old and a smoker for 25 of them.
    I have recently discovered that supposedly,there are ppl /places here on the web,where one can procure smoke.I have made a gamble on 1 place and hopefully it will turn out to be a good investment rather than a rip.
    I see many pros to doing things discreetly online,but also see many pitfalls,not the least of which is that you have to send hard earned green sight unseen to a complete stranger.
    Any advice,tips etc. from the various ppl out here in forum land would be greatly appreciated.I have found that as i get older,finding and keeping a steady source of herb to be more and more difficult.Try asking the local teenage head for smoke and most likely you'll get burnt or accused of being "the man".Either way chances of scoring and going home happy are slim.

    Well enough of my meandering,i merely wanted to say "HOWDY!!!" like any good Texan would do when entering a new place.
    Hope to make some new friends in here,and maybe learn this old dog a few new tricks as well!
  2. Welcome to the city...

    Moving to intro..
  3. well howdy from another texan proud and true
  4. Welcome to the city, and I'm sorry to tell you but according to our rules we don't allow dealing or hooking each other up...just wanted to warn you.

    But please, enjoy the forums!
  5. Welcome to the City!! :D As far as ordering bud over the 'Net, that's a bad idea imho. Find some smokers in your area. That's an easy way to be lead to a dealer. Or start reading the grow forums on here and grow your own. :)

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