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  1. sup foo's im tony just found this great website from a friend on playstation and bought my 1st bongs and accessories,=) and invested in a bronze membership for now only cuz im new to the forum concept.hopefully i stay active and can learn some cool ish along the way.
    if anyone comes across this can u tell me what it means please if you happen to know.
    PostNL Top Landen:(my package says complete and shipped but doesnt offer a tracking number and my local post office is telling me that its impossible to not have a tracking number on the box.i just wana make sure i dont miss the package and it gets shipped bak to the company.
    i'll be back soon gotta go to work.
    thanks again everyone hope to talk to you peeps soon
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    I'm having this same problem. Got two packages, one on 4/26 (ashcatacher and a few carb plugs) and the other on 4/28 (molino bong and a bunch of accessories. I live in Hawaii, so I understand Netherlands may take some time, but it's already more than 3 weeks and even though the package isnt meant to have tracking, I dont know why it says PostNL Top Landen....guessing it means Shipped from Netherlands?
  3. Welcome to the forum tony :)
  4. Some help, maybe?
  5. Reviving this post, but its now exactly 1 month since I ordered 2 pieces. Did someone ever help you out in finding the package?

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