whatsup from vancity

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by quilly, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. hey hows it goin all , just came across your site by accident , im livin in vancouver right now goin to school for music ect
    doin my own thing on the side, ne ways thought id just give a quik shout out to everybody n see if ne one else is living la vida loca up in Canada , and no i dont live in an igloo. Although i have made one once.
  2. Welcome to the City! We have several members from Canada and I don't think they live in igloo's either. :)
  3. Welcome to the city.. Enjoy your stay!!!
  4. HIGH All, another Proud Canadian here who lives on The WET Coast...Van Isl to be exact.

    Welcome to the City...you'll love it here...so many good people who live All over the world reside here.
  5. Welcome to the greenest City on the 'Net. Spark one up and get to readin'. :D
  6. yo whats that?? i was just eating some beaver in my igloo eh. so i had to ride a caribou over to the libary and log on to the world wide web.

    yea im here in van too! hooray for weed! hooray for canada! hooray for not being anywhere near a place run by Arnold Swcharznagkjenamnaegger.
  7. Hmm, no igloo welcome to the city anyway.

    I live in an igloo



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