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Whats youuuur limit???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nukeemnate, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Have you ever smoked to much and just said ...."dam dude im high as fuck right now". and known your limit since then??? What im asking is how many bowls/blunts/joint/spliffs etc... does it take you to sy=ay dam dude im high as fuck right now

  2. to be honest, and i don't want to sound like a cocky bastard but no matter how high i was i'd never turn down another bowl/blunt/jay. Only 2 of my other friends have been able to "hang" with me so to speak. Smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke
  3. me and my friend were going to court the next day and had no idea what we were goin to get so we ended up smoking close to 3/4 of an o after awhile i felt like i couldnt get any higher:smoke:
  4. I'd say anything more than 3g's in about a 2 hour span is more than enough to keep me satisfied. I can keep smoking for hours, but after 2 fat blunts with a friend or two within 2 hours is a nice high for a while. Not saying that I don't want to smoke after 3g's in 2 hours, it's just that I don't really think about wanting to smoke more.
  5. No more than .4 :p

    I having a low tolerance. A gram lasts me a month....

    Except i have smoked around 2 grams in one night, but i passed out :mad:.
  6. Just depends on tolerance/quality of bud before I know how much is "the limit". If it is some reggie I can probably smoke on it all night and not hit the limit. But if its some purple kush or Trainwreck then I can reach the enjoyable limit quite quicker.
  7. Normally I have no limit. You can bring me a zip of the best bud from any dispensary in LA or the valley, I'll smoke and smoke until I sober up.

    There are a few buds out there (namely over $90-100 an eighth) that will devastate me in less than a gram.
  8. How is that even possible? How often do you smoke?
  9. A gram in like 30 min. gets me High as fuck and then I just chill out but me and my 2 other friends have gone through atleast 14 g's in 2 hours and that got us to heaven and back, it also depends on what im smoking I usually smoke really really dankity dank so it deosnt take as much but with swag takes me about 4-7 g's to get me really high and the high is never the same as with the dankity dank....
  10. Sky's the limit baby.
  11. i don''t really have a limit haha. :smoke: Peace
  12. i agree with u guy. i will never really turn down another bowl unless i want to same some weed for later
  13. I reached my limit a few times... but it heavily depends on my environment. One time when I was new to this town, I walked to the bar area to see if I could spot anyone who looked like they could hook me up with some greenery... didn't see anyone so I walked back home and as I turned into the driveway there was a tenant from another apartment in my building standing in the driveway smokin a joint... I am a pretty shy person in general so it took some guts to go ask him if he could help me out. We walked over to his buddies house, but he wasn't home... I was kinda anxious about the whole thing because he was like 40 and kinda sketchy, so when we were walking back home and he pulled out another doob to smoke with me, I had a few puffs, and because it was like 2 months since my last puff, it hit me like a ton of bricks.. I basically had to suddenly leave and run up to my room... I layed on my bed in the fetal position , completely fucked out of my tree.. I couldn't have handled anymore at that moment :D goddamn I was sooo fucking high. It was a great buzz once I got back into my room and felt safe.

    If I am puffin at home , I don't really have an upper limit though. It helps if youve tried other more potent things before.
  14. limit and weed dont go together. never enough.
  15. i've reached my limit before... but that was way back when i first started. i felt comatose. couldn't do anythin but i was awake. i couldn't get my eyes open. ever since then, i've never gotten that high again but i wish i could. right now, i guess i don't have a limit
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    my limit is probably six bowls of straight kief to the face in one minute.

    other than that, i'm not turning down any sessions...ever
  17. i have no limit, but i will usually cap it off at 2 g's of dank to the dome, unless there is some reason for me to smoke copious amounts of bud.
  18. i have no limit except wen my thorat is too dry n it hurts to smoke then I will quit but like someone sed i will never turn down a blunt!
  19. I don't have a limit. I can keep smoking every waking moment of my life... However I dont like to waste that much bud, so I usually only smoke .7-1.0 g's a night.
  20. u speak the truth:smoke:

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