Whats you're favorite drug.

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I expect a lot of you to say weed. Weed is my drug of choice. I love it with such an extreme passion as it has shapped my life in such wonderful ways and has expanded my mind in ways indescribable. But as rarely as the come to where I live, Xanax have to be my fave. Problem is they're a bit pricey and it's a one day thing. I like to atleast get 2.5 bars in me, and since they go 5 a piece here, one night can get kinda pricey. Especially if I go for a couple days. I love xans because I have a mild anxiety problem and they make me feel like the real me, and wonderful on top of that. I'd love to get a scrip (recreational use would be in moderation) any ideas on how to get one? I'm honistly not trying to get one to be fucked up. I've had anxiety attacks since middle school although I'm a very social person.

    With that said weed will always be my passion, my hobby, and fuel for life but I love a xan (in moderation) the most. I have self medicated with them. Meaning took it as it would be prescribed and they helped me tremendously.

    Another fave is oxycontin, although I've only done it less than a handle full of times they're my favorite opiate. I like benzos the most but when I was doing oxys for a couple days I had to cut myself off because I was starting to like them too much. Maybe I'll get one soon to try since I haven't touched them in over a year.

    So what do you all like?
  2. pussy and weed.

  3. ...and music.
  4. I havn't tried enough to say.

    Currently though? Weed and Trance Techno
  5. :smoke:
  6. cannabis is my favorite drug
  7. Spaz picks coke. If you asked why:

    The feeling is amazing. I really connect with my friends, and enjoy everything. If done properly and responsibly, you can avoid addiction, and bad crashes. Some people just ain't know what they doing...
  8. thizz is what it iz!
  9. ______
    | ____|
    | |____
    | ____|
    | |____
  10. Weed and RPG'S.
  11. Acid. Best drug around I think. I also like oxy a lot, but I don't have much experience with that.
  12. Thizz, OxyContin, Marijuana

    If you wanna live, you've gotta thizzzzzz
  13. for me its marijuana and mushrooms. nothing could ever change that. i am an avid mushroom chomper.
  14. :smoke::hippie::p

  15. Sensemilla and World of Warcrack:hello: :bongin:
  16. weed drinking and pills baby
  17. Weed, X, and the occasionaly night on ritalin

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