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What's your weed budget like?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Elhugger, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Right now I just work 36 hours a week at $9.50hr. Usually I spend about $70 a week or so for a Q. (I pay too much I know) Sometimes I can make it last longer though. How about you guys?
  2. hmm i never really burned through a supply quick like that. i'd normally pick up a half or an Oz and that would last me about 3-8 months of being a fri-sun warrior, even now smoking daily a quarter would last me a month
  3. my weed budget is very low, electrics £10-15 a week and my soil, dry nutes, bulbs etc is less than £50 per mouth and i pull anything from 15 -30 oz's every 10 weeks
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  4. I envy you, I wish I could grow but I still live at home for the time being through college. Parents are p chill with weed, they know but its a still keep private thing. And they would def not be chill with my own grow lol.
  5. I used to hardly go through my stash. But now with work I will blaze as soon as I get home to chill and sleep. Then go pretty crazy on the weekends and just watch allot of movies and relax. I also don't drink so when theres a party ill just smoke myself up.
  6. When I was working I'd buy 10gs each week
  7. Don't need to stay inebriated, so very little.

    Makes the quality time that much better. :)
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  8. Its good to respect your parents and use some time to study and learn how to grow weed
    you could could spend years learn all the facts and have a very successful first grow when you get your own place.
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  9. I limit myself to 1-2 grams a week for £20, but I only get high on the weekends now, so it lasts. I hope one day they make it legal for the UK to grow it, that will be the best day ever!
  10. Since I average about 1/8 oz monthly, it's prolly around $35. Don't want to spend any more than that.
  11. Spent 3 grand on multiple set ups. Now I can smoke a oz a week hassle free. I do take half an oz of every weekly oz and turn it into rosin.

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  12. Jeez man, :weed:
  13. I dont really have one. I haven't paid for pot in decades.
    I dont smoke very much at all. I have like a cone or two a week and I grow a fair bit. lectric bill is not a friend though...
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  14. Sometimes I daydream about having all the weed I ever smoked to just appear on my table.
  15. When I had a job I averaged 25-30% of every paycheck to my weed financing.

    Haven't had a paycheck in about 33 months now so I take what I can get. Economy is kinda shitty these days so I'm just thankful I have a place to sleep.
  16. You guys make me feel like a pothead I pay $220 for an oz I buy two oz every fortnight I smoke three grams per day everyday ☹️ I need a new hobby

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  17. I remember when i grew reggie and would smoke an oz in 3 days. And smoked 3g white widows a bit overkill but in a 6 person social circle. Even that went around 2 or 3 times.. And I'd be looking around for it. To find someone waving it around and jibber jabbering someones ears off.
  18. 3 grams a day? That's breakfast... on a light day.

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  19. Ok cool. I don't need to cut back

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  20. Don't have one :smoke:

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