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Whats your Walk Score?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GanjaHaze, May 24, 2010.

  1. 80

    i'm on college campus though so it's very walkable
  2. 62 at my current location, 69 at my old place
  3. 98...Honestly i wish it were much much lower. Id prefer some scenery other than concrete...Which isnt that far away, but downtown is much different than semi-deep country type shit, which i would prefer
  4. 45/100, car-dependent​
  5. 55 y'all! Not bad, not bad.
  6. 77/100 for the town I was born in, in England.

    69/100 for my old address in England.

    31/100 for my new address in Poland.
  7. 5/100, whoooo
  8. 3/100
    Livin in the boonies.

    Gah I can't believe mines the worst of all. I hate Maine.... OH yea Space Ship Dependant.
  9. Got a 12/100, though it could be 20. The data on this map is ridiculously out of date and inaccurate (like there's a school labeled here that's actually on the opposite end of the freakin' state), though it's true that there isn't much within walking distance around here.

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