Whats your view on training dogs?

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  1. it annoys when i see people that cant control theyre dog when im at the woods ill be walking through the woods chilling with my doge then a retard who cant even control hes dog goes for my dog and says he dont bite it fucking enrages me you shouldnt be allowed to keep a dog if you dont walk or atleast teach your dog be calm near roads or near other people/dogs
  2. yes, absolutely.
    it's unfair that the dogs get the blame for bad owners. Even if it's just to the point that the dog understands what is right and wrong behavior among humans, not all dogs must be military trained, but it is essential they be taught how to behave properly.
  3. Certain things just aren't acceptable when it comes to dogs, and you can't just put it down to it's "personality". Plus dogs are just happier when you train them properly so they know the rules and can get along with people. You aren't doing the dog any favors by letting it do whatever it feels like.
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  4. I'm about to go pick up some 2 month old pups here in an hour.

    You best believe me when I say training is happening as soon as I get em home!

    I have a 9 year old blue heeler. She is so well behaved it's nuts. I've never had to raise my voice at her or put her on a leash (sometimes I will, but that's for others comfort, not because I don't trust her.)
  5. blue heelers are some pretty looking dogs.....how is the training coming along?

  6. First thing is that I believe conditioning and teaching are exactly the same thing. Were you conditioned to think that 2 + 2 = 4 or taught?
    I have trained many hunting dogs, personal dogs as well as clients. The type of training used depends a lot on the dog. A dog that is of a timid nature can not take the kind of intense training that others breeze through. Most dogs owners are not seen by their dogs as the alpha. If you ever watched the dog whisperer you know that is step one.
    You don't have to be brutal to get them to obey. I also trained my horses. I find that dogs are much the same in that respect. Make the right thing easy/rewarding and the wrong thing hard.

    example: One of my clients dogs was a total basket case. Just over a year old and NEVER taught anything.
    this dog would not do any of the basics. People were to be ignored. If you keep repeating the command you are teaching the dog to ignore you. I had to tie a long rope on the dog and say "come". When he ignored me I pulled him in using steady pressure until he was at my side. If he would come to me when called ONCE, he got a treat sometimes.
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  7. Yeah most people don't deserve to have a dog. Or even a gold fish for that matter. I have had a few dogs over the years and a lot of the training has to do with your tone and general body launguage.
    Your the master. You give a dog a inch it'l take a mile during the training process.
    Heck when we saved the American bull we got from being put down (owners couldn't afford surgery for torn CCL) she only knew French commands lol
    Luckily I know a little French but. Even though she was only taught in French it was only a matter of weeks with the aid of hand gestures that she mastered the English commands.
    Positive reinforcement is key as long as you don't over do it with treats and junk.
    And treat your dog as a member of the family.
    And make sure to address your dominance . I never let the dog enter my home in front of me I always go first. Same goes for feeding time, I put her food down and she has to wait untill I give the ok. Even if she's eating I know I can put my hand in her food and she will immediately return to her wait position. This is key if your gonna have small children who may 1 day stick their little hands in the dog dish.
    Like said above your the alfa. The master. The captain fucking Kirk.
    Don't let the dog run you.
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  8. Training and taming dogs is very essential.:)
  9. All of these things are equally important, the numbering is not in order of importance.

    1) Positive reinforcement.

    2) Take them for walks every day. Every single day no matter what.

    3) show them love and attention, nurture them like a child in that respect. Do things like take them hiking off trail in the woods. My 'little bear' loves that, and I do too. Sometimes people get nurturing and spoiling mixed up. Don't spoil your dog, it creates behavioral issues like in children.

    4) Have clear pack boundaries. They must know to follow your lead.

    I only have trained one dog, my current one, a chow chow and schipperke mix. These techniques when it comes down to it are all I need with him. He is my best friend.

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  10. [​IMG]
    I think its a 50/50 education , personally I have had my dogs train me several times
  11. I think service dogs are wonderful. I am getting one for my PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. My Mom's friend has a connection with someone who trains service dogs, so I may be getting mine free of charge.

  12. I use a little of both, I just got a puppy a few weeks ago.

    I use the positive reinforcement for bathroom training,but sometimes will give a treat. (Maybe once or twice a week. A little extra bonus)

    And the treats I give are tiny. (The size of a penny) compared to the dogs size. :p

    I do believe the positive reinforcement is the best way though. For the short time we've had her she's made a lot of progress......
  13. I've had quite a few dogs in my life. The best way to get them to do what I want, imo, is a mix of positive and verbal. I love big dogs, but, they are, sometimes, hard to train. The first thing to teach your new puppy is who is Alpha of the pack. You are. When they make bad mistakes (potty in the house), a sharp NO and put outside with the word potty and, this has worked for me for many years, within one month I don't have to worry about poo and pee in the house. When they do potty outside, give them praise and make sure they know that outside means potty. The same applies for anything you want them to learn. I don't use food as an incentive, I use love.
  14. Got one who's trained, he's a great dog.

    Another who's untrained and spoiled rotten. Horrible... she barks non stop at ANY unknown person, once had a curious chihuahua puppy come peep her and she got scared, slipped her collar, then took off like a bat out of hell straight into oncoming traffic, is way too territorial and possessive.

    Untrained dogs suck, even worse is their fuckin' owners. Once had some dudes dog, just all giddy and jump in' all over me, owner did absolutely nothing. Then my friend got this awesome chocolate lab and wouldn't train it, walk it, anything and that dog was awesome, just all sorts of hyper.
  15. Your a veteran ?
    I love my dogs ..............just understand 99% of the time they don't understand what you are trying to say .
    But they feel your vibs most off the time ..
  16. Training dogs is worth it i have different perspectives to look at. My aunt has her two dogs and she went to school after the air force to be a dog trainer and her and her boyfriend train dogs and their dogs are well trained but still act like dogs from time to time but it also feels sometimes that they arent dogs because how well they are trained. Then theres my dads dog she has not even been with us a year but seems trained so far she knows the basics sit,stay,come,lay down, and paw but she can be a pain sometimes when you call her and she doesn't come until the 3 rd time. Then theres my moms dog and this dog was babied and he knows how to sit and give paw but he hardly obeys you habe to push on his lower back (gently) to get him to sit. i blame this on the fact that we give him food when he begs and let him lay anywhere he wants and hes like 14/15 so cant really make an old dog obedient. So id go for something in the middle like my dads dog just always remind the dog who the alpha is.
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