Whats your view on training dogs?

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  1. I adopted a boxer/ blue heeler from my local humane society last August. I was very lucky that she came very well trained. Her previous family clearly put the effort in to train her.

    Since then, we have worked on honing her training and making her more well behaved. She has her moments of trouble but she is all around a good girl.

    Now when I see people walking down the street being yanked along by their dogs, or dogs jumping and barking at people, it bothers me. Sure it's work to train a dog, but worth it. Some people just don't seem to have the time or care though.

    Do you think it matters if people train their dogs?
  2. This is my girl.

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  3. Cute dog. There are 2 different types of training in my book. There is teaching and then there is conditioning. Conditioning is like using treats, shock/prong collars, and other rewards outside of affection. Teaching is like talk to (not at) your dog.. along with positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is kind of like conditioning though, but you are more teaching them that it is good to be that way.. rather than teaching them that they'll get a treat for behaving a certain way. Whenever I am training a good for something.. all I ever really do is repetition and positive reinforcement, almost never give a treat to a dog for behaving right. I give them sparingly and randomly so the dog doesn't learn to expect a treat. There is a trainer at my work and all she does is basically force feeds them treats and I just want to slap the shit out of her. Like when she is training a dog to wait patiently at the door, she gives them a treat like every 30 seconds. It's no surprise that it doesn't stick because most owners don't feed their dogs treats every waking moment.

    Aside from untrained dogs, if I'm not tasked with working on their behavior.. I let them do what they want. Even strangers' dogs, if they look like they want to come up to me, I'll let them. Pisses people off.. but dogs are like people to me to begin with.
  4. fuck i cant stand an untrained dog man
    if you have to shout like 5 times before the thing obeys you you have done it wrong

    All my dogs were trained it makes them a pleasure to own, and i agree with treating them sparingly during training, a praise should do most of the time
  5. Yes all dogs should have the basic training.

    Never understood why anyone would have a dog that pays no heed towards commands.
    Wheres the enjoyment of that!

    I often see people chasing after there dogs lead in hand as the dog blanks them lol

    Oh and btw you aint never gonna catch it unless it wants you to.
    Yea if your dog isnt trained to come to heel then keep it on it lead.
  6. just because your dog came trained or easy to train dosnt mean you should look down at people just because there dog is struggling against the leach or leading on the walk. dogs have personalities of their own. keeping a dog wound up on walks and not allowing the dog a healthy release of energies is harmful on the dogs longterm health. a walk should be a safe time for doggy to play, without having the owner telling him to stop or calm down. I love how people think they are beter then everyone else hahaha
    some dogs are really happy and excited going for walks, they want to sniff everywhere, everything or mark their spots up everywhere. if you watch what the dog does whenever they run out the door, you'll see what they are doing. try it without a leach a few times if you live somewhere safe. learn your dog. some go at different paces, different speeds, some like to go fast while others like to take their time to sniff everything and to do their thing. marking their territory and seeing what other dogs have came by.
    some trainers and owners have their own ways and technique's to training dogs.
    one of the dogs I have is a gsp and the other day I took him for a brief walk and he dragged me all over the place. he wasn't out of control and running everywhere, he wasn't fighting the leach.....someone asked me if I was walking him or was he walking me?
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  7. I agree. It's hard to know what to do and we started off very treat heavy. Eventually we learned she wasn't learning anything new and we were just blowing through treats like crazy. We also tried the prong collar but it broke my heart and people were afraid of her, even though she'd never hurt anyone and we were using it for walking purposes. We now use a half choke collar, and a halti, the halti does most of the work. I'm in love with it. I still need to get her walking off leash though. That's the tough one.
  8. I've never been afraid of dogs, but I've seen people look at my dog in fear (because of breed and facial features) and I can't blame them. Dogs can be scary. Now throw in a dog who is trying it's hardest to get out of it's leash as it pulls it's owner down the block, and that will really scare someone. That's why I think it's important to have your dog well trained. All it takes is one nip at the wrong person and the humane society is collecting your dog. Not good.

    Glad yours are good. I saw a guy the other day stop his dog mid walk to reassert himself and bring the dog back to his side and I almost high five him.
  9. I used to have a min-pin. Boy, could he run. It's totally true, you won't catch them unless they want you to.
  10. I'm not looking down on them. It's almost a safety issue to have an untrained dog that you can't control. Yes dogs should be let off leash and run around dog parks and fetch and play frizbee and go crazy. If it doesn't come back when you call it though, there's the problem. I just find that walking my dog around town, I see a lot of people being pulled around by their dogs and look like they have no control. How am I supposed to trust that a strangers dog won't jump my dog or I and actually listen to the owner when they say stop, if that dog is clearly not even respecting it's own "pack leader". Which as an owner, you should be 100% of the time.
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    Besides the basics like shitting and pissing outside and stopping when I say stop, the one thing I want to teach all my future dogs is to not accept any food from strangers. I have knuckledragging obese soccer moms that walk their overweight dogs around my neighborhood and feed other peoples dogs treats. Ive had to tell more than one person to stop feeding my dog.

    Then I see this dumb retard thread on reddit with this picture.

    No faster to to make your dog a fat anxious idiot than to have everyone undermining any training its had.

  12. I had to tell a lady few months ago not to give my dog treats.
    I let it go first few times didn't want to be rude. Didnt work had to tell her straight. She no longer speaks to me lol
  13. totally agree that dogs should be trained! your dog is so cute by the way [​IMG]
  14. Having a dog is a privilege not a necessity(for the most part). I have been attacked by a handful of dogs and it took a lot to not fight the owner(most watched and just waited for the dog to finish). I love dogs and I know that they crave attention so when a dog jumps up on me I don't mind, when a dog barks, it doesn't bother me but there definitely needs to be a good amount of training so the dog obeys you to a certain extent.
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    Yes, it does matter. People should absolutely train their dogs to be respectable members of their family, as well as society.
    I've recently had a problem with this. My dog isn't allowed to have treats that I don't approve, because he has health issues. And even if he didn't have health issues, it would still be the same way. Some people seem to think that it's ok to give something to someone else's dog even when they've been told not to do it. It really pisses me off. I'll be damned if my dog is going to be ill, or have behavioral issues because someone else thinks that they know what's good for him, better than I do.
    I am so sorry to hear that you've been attacked by dogs and had to deal with owners that did nothing to stop them. That is VERY WRONG on so many levels!

  16. Maybe take her some treats & retrain her?

    "SPEAK LADY............SPEAK!"

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  17. I smoke weed before training my dog. It helps me to understand my pet. Try too
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  18. train & spade/neuter your dogs

    Dobies rule

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    My view is that my Heeler has me very well trained! After two years of being together, she snaps her fingers, and I jump.
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  20. I wanted k9 training for my wold hybrid, but she's too old at 8 months.

    Later I'm getting a male pup that I will put into a month long training.

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