Whats your VideoGame?! *points at you*

Discussion in 'General' started by Robitussin, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Counterstrike Source, World of Warcraft and Old NES games such as Solstice and Chrono Trigger.
  2. only one game for me - GUITAR HERO
  3. guitar hero / mario kart / Dance Dance Revolution / super smash bros / tony hawk

    ^^^the 5 essential games for life :D
  4. Hell yeah man.

    My games are Guitar Hero, Halo(mainly 2 and 3), and Gears of War.
  5. Recently I have been playing KillZone for the PS2, I think it is a pretty good game and I cannot wait for part two. I have also been playing Aerobiz: Supersonic for the SNES. A good, classic, under-hyped game that I really enjoy and I wish there was a sequel.

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    Defenders of the helgast dream, now, is our time!
  6. tron 2.0 killer app, i just started it today.

    as for my all time video game, goldeneye
  7. My #1 would have to be gears of war.
  8. Oh, you wanna know my number one game of all time? Easy.


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    It was, and is, an awesome game. The graphics are of course out-dated, but hey, they were good for the time. I do hope they (Square-Enix) re-release the game for the PS3, if they do, it will probably be the last Final Fantasy game that I buy, as I feel the franchise has gone down hill since Final Fantasy X.

    A close second would have to be Neverwinter Nights, I spent many years playing that game and building in the Toolset. It was a very fun game, with a pretty awesome community. I have not gotten into Neverwinter Nights 2 as of yet, I will probably wait for part three. :)

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  9. Every FF, including FF11. Call of Duty/UO/2, BF1942/2, CS:S, F.E.A.R., Disgaea, Company Of Heroes, Metal Gear, DMC.
  10. the game at the moment is nascar 08

  12. Saints row and fight night round 3
  13. I like Burnout. I can take out all my driving aggression. ;)
  14. MvC2. Mad infinites and combos in that game. Chrono trigger is dope too, oldy but a goodie
  15. Three words.



  16. I'm very into CSS right now, have my own server and all..bout to look into starting a clan.

    I also love my Wii..bowling and tennis is mad fun when stoned out of your mind. I did play WoW for aw hile a few years back..and i'm honestly kinda scared to get back into it, haha. I have enough keeping me from what I should be doing, and working at home..ON my computer, it's entirely too dangerous. haha.
  17. CS:S, TES IV Oblivion, WC3 (mostly just dota) for me.
  18. major league baseball featuring ken griffey jr. (n64)

    contra (nes)

    starfox (n64)

    command and conquer: red alert (pc)
  19. I loved oblivion. I deleted it because I needed space tough. I just pray I can play Bioshock. If not I'm going to have to wait for next april :( X850 isn't looking too good right now.

    If I found out who stole my PS3 I'll castrate the fucker. Thats an understatement. Especially now that games are coming out.

  20. Those are some great, classic, games. I played Contra so much, I could almost play the first level blind folded. :p

    StarFox 64 was pretty awesome too. I enjoyed the multi-player and blowing my friends up. The story was good, especially with all the different ways to get to the end.

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