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What's your top 3 strains?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Norcalidank, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. What is every ones favorite strain??Mine rite now is purple urkle strawberry cough and kush
  2. Headband
    Sour Diesel
    Maui Wowie
  3. Blue Dream
    My cross of Blue Dream X Jack Herer
    Clockwork Orange
  4. Northern Lights
    White Widow
    Amnesia Haze

  5. U got pics of clockwork orAnge?
  6. Any one else??
  7. There's already been a million of these, use the search function, son.

    But I suppose I'll throw in my two cents worth..

    Dankenstein (Vortex x Sour Diesel)

    Blue Dream

    And my absolute favorite, Vortex.
  8. This is hard, but...

    Super Silver Haze (that was the name put to the bud I tried, I believe him because this shit had me fucked beyond belief, cured and grown to perfection, but I can't be certain it was legit SSH)

    Sour diesel

    Blue dream

    Although I really liked Grand Daddy Purp the last time i had it too, and the gdp x chemdawg I had, I feel those are my 3 favorite.
  9. I've had some really good Hindu Kush, Green Crack, and my favorite Super Silver Haze :smoke: I prolly won't remember those strains next month :p :bongin:
  10. MY TOP STRAINS ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING. I can never stick to one strain forever.



  11. What up guests r u gOna post
  12. #12 Llamamontana, Dec 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, 2011
    Indica/Indica dominant

    Northern Lights
    White Widow

    Sativa/Sativa dominant
    Durban Poison
    Super Lemon Haze
    Jock Horror
  13. Chocolate Thai
    Lemon OG Kush
  14. Sour diesel
    Grand daddy purp

    I'm so mad I've NEVER got to try white widow smh
  15. -Tangerine Dream (Cannabis Cup Winner 2010)
    -Roker IV AMG Exclusive
    -Headband (really anything diesel as well, love that taste :))
  16. 1- gdp
    2-sour diesel
    3-white widow

    top 3 best tasting and great high
  17. White widow

    Royal cheese

    northern lights
  18. L.A confidential
    Train wreck
    Purple urkel
    My personal favorite is anything with a lemon taste to it, never get names with lemony bud though
  19. [quote name='"drosmoke34"']L.A confidential
    Train wreck
    Purple urkel
    My personal favorite is anything with a lemon taste to it, never get names with lemony bud though[/quote]

    Was about to grab some lemon Kush last nite
  20. 1. Chemdawg (absolute best)
    2. Tangerine Dream
    3. Cheesus

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