What's your top 3 strains to grow and why?

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  1. If you could only grow 3 strains for the rest of your days what would you choose and why?
  2. Grand Daddy Purple because of the amazing taste, smell, and bag appeal like almost nothing else.

    Blue Dream because of the amazing growth rate and yield along with a nice flavor.

    If I only had one choice left I would probably go Durban Poison so I could have at least one full Sativa in the mix of 3. Love that sativa uppity high.
  3. Not sure about the other 2 but i think I'm gonna keep this one around add long as possible. She's a Durga Mata that was gifted to me.

    the quantum leap: indoor multi strain perpetual organic journal
    Indoor organic
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  4. skunk #1 it is a classic and stinky
    amnesia a great smoke and long lasting high
    lemon haze the best tasting smoke and the most functional high

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  5. I got gifted a Skunk #1. It's in the veg tent for crop after next. I haven't budded one yet but I'm a little excited.
  6. white widow---easy to grow and hardy decent yields
    GG4---easy to grow hardy and very high yields
    haven't settled on a third yet maybe GDP why? old school
  7. My GDP smells so good. I've never smelt any bud in flower that smells as good as this. You want to just take a bite out of a cola. It's like grape candy.
    IMG_8809.JPG IMG_8810.JPG
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  8. outstanding centerfold.......outstanding!
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  9. I'm a newb grower, this thread was for ideas for strains :) GDP getting a lot of love!
    I liked berry bomb for the same reason, amazing sweet smell and taste! Nice dense nugs!

    Amnesia haze would be in there too

    And probably a GDP after this thread haha!

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