what's your theme song?

Discussion in 'General' started by moonlighthigh, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. This thread has probably been done before, but I was just wondering what everyone's theme song is...i am contemplating mine now, as i speak...i am picturing myself in a scene similar to the mary-tyler moore show beginning, where her song is singing...
  2. The Knight Rider theme song is the single greatest theme song ever composed. I wish it played everytime I entered a room.
  3. The Flying Lizards-Money, That is What I Want...J/K i am not that shallow!

    actually, i think it is:
    Portishead-Just Want to Be A Woman
  4. Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien
  5. Theme song like.. my favorite from a tv show? Or like MY theme song?
    My theme song is 46 & two by Tool. Orrrrr... an Eminem song!
    "fuck you: i'm nauseous in this place, i need some office space, the boss is late, i wanna slap the mustache right off his face. i'm ready to go postal, i'm so close i can almost feel his throat with no pulse when i choke him. in 10 seconds i'ma turn into hulk hogan. with a cigarette in his mouth, he tells me there's no smokin? i'm sick of this shit it's ridiculous all i picture is kickin his ass when he's takin his ashes and flickin em. i'm sick of these stamps; i'm sick of lickin em. sick of stickin em. sick of lookin at em. i'm SICK of em. alright mr. mathers pick em up. no you pick em up. bitch stick em up. get against the wall, senior citizens and all, i can't take this shit no more. everybody hit the floor. get the door. close it and lock it. put your wallets back in your pockets, i don't want dollars, ain't none of us walkin out of this office."
    Yeaaaah yeaaah... If I didn't smoke.. I would be such an angry person.
  6. mine would be creedence clearwater revival - down on the corner. the most chillin song ever.
  7. Black betty by the ram jam... ok it's a cool song but perhaps not- mine, at the moment, would have to be Blur- Song 2
  8. Against Me! - What We Worked For

    "I lost the confidence to write a song, so i found three simple chords and I held them together with my weak voice on an out-of-tune guitar my father gave to me. May Elvis turn in his grave and Les Paul curse my dirty calloused fingers. May the likes of this song never make one fucking dollar, leave it for a demo tape to be played until it's broken then remembered only for what it was...that we gave 'em hell. To my friends and enemies who could have been anything, titans and heroes who found survival in cause and effect. Behind counters, behind windows, striving just to be people with bitter ideals of justice. Do we only need to keep working because it pays rent? Sleeping under plastic stars glued to a ceiling, muscles burning alcohol and nicotine every morning...but we gave them hell. There's a height beyond skyscrapers, there's a distance beyond the freeway. More than pictures in a magazine, more than tragedy in a rock and roll song. It's more than the actions you know it's safe to make, It's more than money could ever buy. Are we working to live and die in american cities, living to work and die in american cities, and dying for what we worked."

    Against Me! is a folk-punk band from Florida. They are my favorite band of all time and have some incredible songs driven by real emotion. Check them out at www.againstme.net .
  9. Beat it by michael Jackson....lol joking

    I dont have a theme song
  10. RATM - Bombtrack.

    *BURN! BURN! Yes you're gonna burn!*
  11. Id have to go with less than jakes - 107

    for some reason :rolleyes:

    Unless you could see inside my head,
    you couldn't possibly understand
    I'm happier when things are falling apart at the seams
    and you'd never know just by looking at me
    and I'm strung out on the future
    and burnt out on the past
    sometimes I'd rather just burn this place right to the ground
    And y'know it just may be me
    but the parking lot with all those creeps
    keeps me convincing myself I'm completely sane
    with sleep over rated
    and my ideals outdated
    I know that I wouldn't have it any other way
    and I can't explain what this place races through my mind
  12. Highball with the devil - Les Claypool and The Holy Mackril (with charly hunter)
  13. "smoke and get high" forget who sings it.....
  14. Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Badfish by Sublime
  15. <bgsound src="http://www.tvtunesonline.com/wavs/sandford(dont-hotlink)son.wav " loop="0">
  16. lol ya know I used to live in Red Fox (Sanfords) old house when I was a baby till I was 7? Yeah my dad is pretty loaded but when my mom and him seperated he left to Europe and we didnt really have shit anymore. Now im back chillin with him in Bangkok, but anyways yeah his house was fucking creepy when we moved in. Ya know how he did all those drugs right? All his windows had bars like jail bars and bulletproof glass. His walls all had bars around em as well, like someone was planning to run a car through his walls. He had a bedroom with a small opening leading to a secret plain white wall room with nothing in it except a chair, he used to do drugs in here. My bedroom used to be his monkeys bedroom, lol, it was painted green. This was one crazy fuck.
  17. Imagine by John Lennon.

    i thought about Higher state of consciousness... but i think i'm going to stick with my second choice. Imagine.
  18. Ben Harper - Burn One Down
  19. I want to be a hippy and i want to get high would be a good theme tune for me.

    Coincidentley when i die i want smoke gets in your eyes and disco inferno played at my funeral
  20. i think i will need to see some proof of all this alleged stuff you say, XxJWxX

    Imagine is a GREAT song, i wouldn't have expected anything less from you, Dig...

    and now Sanford and Son is playing on my computer...oh shit...

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