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Discussion in 'General' started by sirsm0kesal0t, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Well i am very open about my drug use because i feel my actions reflect who i am. Now i have a friend who is adamantly against cocaine usage or usage of pretty much anything other than marijuana.

    He seems to have a real beef with cocaine in particular (he feels cocaine users should be shot), well i firmly disagree. I neither encourage nor discourage the use of drugs, i feel its up to the person.

    And i do not feel that because someone uses cocaine/heroin/meth etc... that they should be deemed a menace. I think as long as someone remains a productive member of society then they can do as they please as long they do not hurt anyone else in their personal pursuit of happiness.

    Another thing that has bothered me is that drug dealers are deemed as scourges of god. I think that a drug dealer simply provides the supply for the demand. Drug dealers wouldn't make money if people weren't willingly buying drugs. So, i really see no crime commited on part of the dealer. He is guilty of nothing but exploiting the demand for drugs.

    Please, I would love to hear other people's opinions on this.
  2. i have no problem with coke,,,, being on probation???? i like anything thats out of my system in 3 days !!!!!!!!!:p [​IMG]digg?????
  3. i dont know much about coke but i do agree as long as the drug user is productive and doesnt hurt anyone then we as humans have the right to do watever we want
  4. this is me after i hit a banger ........ ..... .. . .

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