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Whats your take on resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IowaPotHead, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Theres so much that you can and should know. But do I? NO. So help me out.
    I mean I have this glass piece that I've had for about four months now. I smoke out of it atleast once a day. It has some pretty nice build up and it has never been cleaned before. Should I clean it now? Should I wait? Is it even worth saving the resin to smoke? How do I smoke it? ETC..... Thanks alot for your time.
  2. well, if youre ever jonesing, and you have no weed you could always flame the bowl take some nasty resin hits, i personally dont do it, kinda gross and gives me a headache.
  3. So you don't actually scrap your bowl? You just light an empty bowl and hope for the best?
  4. when the monkeys go on strike, and theive all the should smoke resin...meaning

    that is oneof the many ways to smoke resin, i personally do do it..not dodo..or poo ppoo..but do smoke resin...scrape it and smoke the ball, or break it up in some weed, whatever..just get high:D
    res lasts fora while too.
  5. just used a needle on the stem of my bong last night and got a fat ball and smoked it. i got about 15 decent bong rips off of it. tasted like shit, but i got high. i was supposed to get a 20 sack to last me till friday today, but my guy was all out. been dry for a few days now. i'm gunna go hit my resined up empty bowl right now, somethin to help me sleep.

    btw, the better weed you get the better resin you'll get.
  6. I used to..not much anymore though, usually not worth it IMO, but it does work..just a bit black n sticky for my tastes..
  7. black n sticky? Aint that how u like ur girls Jim :p

    Haha, yeah Resin is nasty, i say save it up for a rainy day... see... my broke ass smoked all my resin, now lookat me... wishin i had money... or weed... or even resin.
    When your done with the resin, pour some really hot water down that bowl, it'll clean it off real nice, but the water has to be hot enuff to melt the resin :)
  8. what my friends and I like to do when we have decent amount of resin is to load a bowl, put some weed on the bottom and the resin on top and more weed ontop of the resin and smoke it out of the bong... its awesome :D

  9. Same goes for me. I just soak my piece in rubbing alcohol when it gets too gummy to smoke out of. Then toss the resin.
  10. Resin balls make me happy. I don't do it often but sometimes I'll scrape it, roll it in a ball, roll the ball in some broken up weed and smoke it. It fries me out. No headaches...the taste leaves a lot to be desired but the high is always damn good for me.
  11. smoke that resin! I normaly just take a lighter with a slightly larger flame than normal and do resin hits. you do this by heating your bowl up and if you have enough resin you can smoke it, with out even scrapeing it
  12. Lol, I love the new avatar toketillyachoke!! Someone's been reading too many Critter posts, lol. :D
  13. Yes i love that little guy he kicks ass thank critter (i forgot who to give credit to) anyway im out got to go home from school keep blazin
  14. well you could either smoke it now or clean your pipe out every now and then and save all the resin each time, someday when you've got weed you'll feel so class that you have got another stash that isn't weed but it'll get you stoned, it's like your dry then you remember "oh yea, i've got more"

    So save that stuff till you have no weed :)
  15. Ya I like to keep my glass peice till when i am out of weed and then I smoke the resin too. The taste dont bother me and i git high so it all be good.
  16. my take on resin is it's free and gets you high, but tastes like shit, so save it for a rainy day and be happy that you're getting high when you smoke it.
  17. whats with all the meteorology and resin?
  18. me and my friends each have our own piece and after we have had about 30 bowls in one piece we scrape it in put it in a community bag where we all dump the resin. we do this for about 3 months then after we get enough we mix it w/ about an 8th of blueberry chronic and smoke it. it gets us higher then you can even imagine. sucks that it takes so long to make though.
  19. i always thought resin tasted good... sorta like chocolate. seems me and my friends are the only people in the world that feel so though?

    maybe we just have super good tasting chronic :O

    no, probably not...
  20. Sometimes resin tastes good, sometimes not. Better than not having THC. Gets me stoned.

    I wonder what my lungs look like sometimes when I'm cleaning my bowl

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