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Discussion in 'General' started by deltaco, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. im just wondering what everyones style is, like how you dress. i used to try and be all punk rock and shit with like saftey pins and the studded bracelets but once i started smoking bud i realized that all that shit is too much work so one day i decided to make a trip to wal mart and bought like 10 plain white shirts and 5 pairs of dickies and now thats what i wear now everyday. plus its summer and trying to look all hardcore punk in all black sweating like a hog aint to cool.
  2. scruffy just torn clothes kind of like johny knoxville but i have been dressing this way before i even knew what jackass the show was.
  3. somewhat baggy jeans and whatever shirt I pull out of the drawer. Sometimes I wear ratty old t-shirts I got freshman and sophomore year in high school. Mom hates that and yells at me. I also have a couple nicer shirts that are kinda like t-shirts, but I could get away wearing them to nicer things without my mom bitching at me.
  4. we've done this before right?

    here we go again then....

    Hippie. Version 2.01
    Combats insteada Flares.
    Greens and Browns... all kindsa earthy colours.
    not really much of that beatnik thing going on... knda more a Techno influence.
  5. my style changes with my mood (i love being a fashion design student on the brink of graduating!) i usually wear really super feminine clothes with french influence, but i also dress in yoga clothes a lot because they are so comfortable and easy to work in...sometimes i go all punky and die my hair cool colors, and then the next day go preppy...it just depends.
  6. i dont even pay attention to what im wearing most of the time. just big (not baggy, just really loose) pants and a t-shirt. i usually where plain white or plain black. i do that cuz im too fucking lazy to pick out nice clothes. fuck im too lazy to tie my shoes. i usually wear old man velcro shoes or just dont tie the laces.

  7. I care about what I wear and how I present myself, you need to in my position (sounding cocky arent we?)..

    Actually most of my clothes are French or Italian designers or else custom pants and shirts I designed at a Tailor. I prefer smaller shirts, sometimes wifebeaters for that matter. Plus I got the nice silver necklace, silver watch, silver bracelet, and silver ring. I havent worn a diamond in my ear for a while now but am thinkin about putting it back, hope the hole didnt close up.

    My hair used to be long when I was a little boy about 5-12,
    I then started combing it back with gel.
    I then started spiking it and now have the whole falling back spike thing going on, thinking about letting it grow a little more.

  8. niiice...very gorgeous

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