What's your stoner name then?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Mystic Girl, May 15, 2003.

  1. Apparently, it's:

    Pesky Resinballer.
  2. i submitted the same name twice and got two different names, how do we know this isn't some government ploy to get stoner's names?
  3. Sacred Haze ZigZag
  4. Blue Velvet Spliffmonger

    lol, think i'll put in my sig!
  5. ZIA we're name twins lol
  6. Morning Glory Bongmaster

    but me and this chick allready decided what my Name was:

    Boris Roxyasoxov
  7. i got Vulgar Cougher. true, true :D
  8. Splifftastic Space Cadet

    lol, im a space cadet!
  9. Thunderous Bluntster

  10. Fanatical Jointfiend :)
  11. Happy One hit, but that doesnt even go with my name....
  12. Peaceful inhaler..........ahhh so true!
  13. Lazy-ass Grower ...

    How amazingly accurate...
  14. i got Fanatical Jointfiend
  15. Am also Sacred Haze Zigzagger
  16. Everytime I put my name in, I get Bubbles Resinsizzle. I alternated with me and my friends and still kept getting Bubbles Resinsizzle.
  17. Did you blow Bubbles when you were a kid?
    Well he's out of jail now and he wants your phone number..
    HAWHAW, eh?

    My name is Doctor Dimebag Stoner. Which was true like 2 years ago when I graduated to buying a half o to an o everytime I buy..
    I like my name with my middle name after my first name more.. One Hit Wonder.
  18. I am Thunderous Bluntster! Behold my.. um.. thunderous blunts! (yeah)

  19. I got Merry Doobinator too. Tell you what, I'll be M. Doobinator, Jr.

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