what's your steez?

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  1. What kind of music do you like most when you're blazin.. (Sorry if i'm postin somethin that's already been)
  2. should have made multiple answers available...too hard this way :)

    i'd have to say, i can ALWAYS listen to some easy reggae... sometimes, rarely, i'm not feelin the others
  3. classic rock and anything acoustic
  4. When I'm not high it's all about the rock, but that all changes once I smoke. I like reggae while stoned-feels great to just kick back and mellow out to. You know that feeling. Not a worry in the world...
  5. Top 10 Fav. Bands to Listen to High:

    -Pink Floyd



    -The Who

    -Stevie Ray Vaughn


    -Bob Marley

    -Van Halen

    -Simon & Garfunkel

    -Led Zeppelin

    These are just my top 10 choices... there are others that were very difficult to exclude from the list, but I had to pick. Those are in no particular order, I enjoy all equally. I'm really into Classic Rock/Jazzy/Bluesy shit... but I like almost all types of music.
  6. trip hop, reggae, rock...you didnt give enough options...mushroom jazz, alternative.
    all the above.

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