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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by kinetic being, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. What best describes your sitation? Your attitude/view towards life, people, the world, God, whatever you want it to mean.

    Please explain you decision...
  2. I love much more than I hate.

    Love doesn't have the component of hate in it, I believe.

    Hating to hate isn't the same as loving.

    But I do love to love.

    And love to not hate.
  3. both are equally invalidated dichotomously meaningless terms
  4. Even when I say I hate something thats not true. IMO everything is one so I love everything as much as I love my thumbs.
  5. I hate a little more than love, your all against me!! i hate you all;)
  6. No sense in hating when you can love
  7. hi

    i dont have any stance. theres nobody here to have a stance. i dont know anything except an unnameable something that seems to be everywhere that is innately known and can never be unknown. that is where the abidance is, things resembling what is called love seem to be here, things resembling what is called hate and anger seem to be a distant dream

    It is real, I was not real
  8. Anybody who says they love more than they hate are fools, to some extent. Humans are driven by hate. Sure, you might realize you are being hatefull and try to stop, but you are fooling yourfself. Hate is the nature of man. But that is the point of salvation.
  9. ^ I disagree.

    I used to be a hateful person sometimes but that has dramatically changed over the years and i find i am a very peaceful person. Not every person is filled with hate. Once we all realize that it is possible to live with no hatred we will truly be living in a utopia.

    Some day i hope.
  10. A random human, amongst billions on this earth, comes onto an internet forum and says "anybody who says they love more than they hate are fools, hate is the nature of humanity and thats that". What kind of argument or post is that? Its little more than posting an opinion in a condescending and aggressive tone.

    I don't agree that hatred is the nature of man.
  11. I love and hate equally at the present, but as time goes by the negativity fades away, leaving behind only the good memories, I can look back on the worst times of my life with some kind of wierd nostalgia
  12. Humanity is the nature of humanity. Any questions?
  13. Voted other

    I can't really answer this correctly, unless I count all the things I like and all the things I hate, which would be impossible as there are many of both, plus opinions change all the time.

    I also can't give a view on what I generally feel, cause it depends on my mood and stuff. Sometimes I hate everything, other times I love everything..
  14. Love is the best. I would much rather love then hate. Sometimes you can't help but hate those that preach and practice evil.

  15. Hating hatred is not loving. But at least it's not just hating. :)
  16. I am saying nobody is perfect, hate is one of our flaws. We all have hate. Look what happens when humans interact, problems occur 100% of the time. What is the cause of this? Humans are very flawed, do you agree?
  17. Once you have surrendered to the flow of life, how can one possibly hate?
  18. Is it possible to surrender 100%?
  19. It is either you surrender fully or don't surrender at all.
    Sure there may be a bit of resistance here and there, but those are just tests to see if you remain true to the surrendering of life.
  20. My buddy YEM might sound way out there to some of you guys... but I totally agree with him. :)

    Truth is, he says what I overlook.

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