What's your sign?

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  1. What's your sign? Or do you happen to be a cusp? Tell all...is your personality compatible with the personality described by your sign? What signs do you get along with most and attract and/or are attracted to?

    Me, I'm a Virgo. I am somewhat as a Virgo is described to be. For example, I hate admitting defeat, I keep my emotions hidden but have very strong ones at that, I do tend to put things in order, I'm loyal in my relationships, I'm modest, I'm honest and just, and I'm reserved. On the other hand, I do not consider myself a perfectionist. Yes, I cannot stand when things don't seem to be a certain way or in an orderly fashion, and yes when people do things I expect them done 100% right, but honestly, at times I don't put good effort into things and am a slacker. Also, I can procrastinate, so no, I do not consider myself to be a perfectionist at all.I've read stuff about being an un-evolved sign. Maybe I'm an un-evolved Virgo. Thoughts? As for attraction, I have found myself attracted to Leos most often, the ones I've met are extremely good looking. Currently attracted to a Scorpio. Leos are attracted to me, and a few Virgos have been as well.
  2. my sign is cancer. that is all i know about that stuff
  3. Aquarius. That's all I know and give a flying fuck about
  4. Aquarius in a nutshell:
    Aquarius is the sign of visionaries, unconventionality and intellectual independence. Aquarius are the people who deviate from the crowd and go their own way. They are always after intellectual stimulation, constantly discovering something new, forming new opinions and stubbornly traveling their way regardless of what other people think. Aquarius are filled with paradoxes, they are interested in the opposite ends of the spectrum, they like to be alone yet are social butterflies, they like to experience both sides and see both opinions as they formulate new ideas with their forward thinking, active mind. Aquarius have a 'live and let live' policy where everyone is free to be themselves, an Aquarius never judges others because as human beings, we are all equal and entitled to our own opinions. They are verbally skilled and very witty, they observe people and learn how to interact with others through observation. They can be masters of manipulation justifying anything they do or think. As a result, they can deal with any type of personality and adapt to any situation. They welcome change because boredom is their enemy. Anything new is an opportunity to Aquarius. Aquarius can act as an expert on any topic, they are very good at inflating their own importance, they feel it is deserved because their eccentricity makes them unique. Conventional people beware, Aquarius likes to shock and deviate from the norm, this is how they live. Aquarius is known to pick at anyone they find weak or dull-minded. It is simply an easy target for verbal exercise for them, no harm is meant but it might be taken from the other person. Deep inside, Aquarius would never intentionally hurt anyone, they have respect for every human, even thought this might not seem apparent to the more emotional types.

    ^^^ that is pretty much me, besides the unemotional part. i can be pretty emotional sometimes. and i get along with a lot of virgos and taurus'.
  5. Scorpio. I think scorpions are badass, so I guess im happy with it. Don't care about the meaningssssssssssssss though.'/'
  6. Virgo
    I'm unattainable ;)

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