Whats your side hustle?

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  1. Everybody works, everybody has a hustle. Some of us work and hustle on the side. The point of this thread is to inspire new hustles we may not have ever thought of trying. We all need more money, we don't all know how to make it. Sometimes opportunity is just sitting there waiting for someone to pick it up. Share your side hustles. Let's help each other make money.

    I sell food. Tacos, burritos, Tortas, Sandwiches, I set up shop anywhere I see an event or college or a ton of foot traffic. Im even the taco guy at parties. Food sells itself, unbelievably faster then I ever tried selling anything else, even bud. Cuz even stoners get hungry lol my biggest take home was $1500 dollars in 4 hours at hippy hill in Golden gate park San Francisco last 4/20. Sold a thousand tacos in 4 hours.

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  2. Damn, never thought about that. That's actually a super smart way of getting money quick lmao.

  3. Cool! What inspired you to do this and how many people are on your team cuz I know it takes a lot of work to make that many tacos. My side hustle will be flipping furniture and putting an artistic spin to things people can actually use.

    Yep following crowds is literally the easiest way. Let them come to you.
  4. I don't have any kind of job on the side per se. I just try to help out anyone I can, when I can. And it always seems to come back around.

    Be good to them today, they be good to you tomorrow rings a bell.
  5. I am a gigolo and make about $15-25 cents a night. It's hard being this damn sexy.

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  6. I came up with the idea the year before cuz I went with my ex and her friends and that year it wasn't as crowded as u see in the pics, but we were there hella hungry and no food near by so I was like fuck this shit next year I'm selling food, and I told my friends one night in a smoke sesh and being hella high with the munchies everyone was like fuck yea lets sell tacos lol so it was 3 couples and we invested 100 each and sold tacos and water and swishers. Sold out of everything. Now I sell burritos and philly cheese stake style sandwiches. I can leave the house broke and come home with money on any given day. Good food will always sell itself.
    . I agree bro, that's why I always pay it forward and ask for nothing in return
  7. go for the whole dollar bro you're worth it!
  8. don't you have to have permits and everything?
  9. I mack hard AF

  10. Your country allows you to sell street food?

    Fuck - if you did that over here, you'd get raided by a fucken battalion of health inspectors with radiation suits and gas masks.. and forced to pay $500000... out of your asshole.

  11. if ur gonna be in one location everyday yes u do, but that takes money, and time, and someone usually has to snitch on u like a restaurant or other legit food vendors, I sold tacos at a swap meet before. My hustle is gorilla style,
    'fuck the police, coming straight from the underground' -NWA
    what's ur side hustle?
  12. You're my fucking hero.

  13. Just did a bit of research on bulk accessories, a.k.a boxes of rolling papers, blunts, lighters, etc, might get into selling those at cannabis related events or something. $2 per pack of papers, 50 packs, 3 or 4 boxes of 50 packs, boom got tons of money for weed
  14. here the fine is $200 dollars. But in pesos. And in mexico every where u go there is street food, EVERYWHERE, and I did sell street food in the US, I have only been here a year, I grew up in Cali but I have had alot of side hustles. And never had a permit for shit. Now I'm not suggesting anyone do what I did but me personally idgaf about that shit, I would never pay some fine like that period. I'm hustling cuz I'm broke not because I can afford permits or start a legit business. And I still have restitutions I will never pay. Fuck Uncle Sam son of a bitch is rich enough without my taco money lol again I'm not encouraging anyone to do what I do but I'ma hustle regardless and I rather sell tacos then drugs, which I've done too. I just wanted people to share their hustles, inspire and help each other. And you actually inspired me to start this thread when I read ur thread about quiting ur job, I thought about u when I started this :rolleyes:
    u inspire me baby :wub:^_^
  15. Just gotta find weed related events in my area of Canada... Surprisingly hard to find...
  16. gambling?
  17. that's smart. I looked into that as well because that shit cost double here. Swishers are two dollars each here, so imagine the profit off a box of 50
  18. man I thought Canada was big with the weed events? Usually the cops don't fuck with people at those events, that's why we got away with selling tacos, cops walked right by us all day, we had blunts sparking as they walked past looking hungry as fuck haha
  19. It seems as though the only popular event we have in my area is the 4/20 march. Which honestly is quite sad. I cant really think of any ways I could hustle papers and cones any other way tbh, maybe at the Canadian Exhibition, but a booth would probably be $10k+ for 2 weeks at least.

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