What's your search turn up?

Discussion in 'General' started by DaWodin, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. I was bored and just searching the internet for random words....I decided to do a search for my name (DaWodin) and it brought up only one result.... www.grasscity.com
  2. funny thing...
    i come up on some ratemybuds.com forum!
    wtf? i don't even remember registering, let alone being on that site!
    i guess i was on one of my stoner crusades :D
    i didn't even come up for grasscity, odd huh!
    p.s. what search engine did you use? i tried yahoo and google and they both came up with that ratemybuds site,a nd i have never even posted THERE
  3. i used msn....
  4. Under IceCreamKidd, I came up here and at bimmers.org or something like that, funny. To bad no one would ever search for us forumites. =P

  5. I've found two things... there are about five sci fi shows out there with my name:eome on there. The other one i found was a forum... afgha.com- the afghan resistance against the taliban group. I signed up for a laugh one day.....
  6. i got a bunch of jada pinkett sites. I mean hey, at least some stuff is still private on the net.
  7. I got about a hundred hits for Puff Daddy, Big Poppa, Notorius BIG, and any other hiphop/rap artist that had Big or poppa or Puff in the name

    Plus I got one hit for grasscity.com
  8. BPP so when's your album comin' out? :D

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