Whats Your Ritual??!!

Discussion in 'General' started by wikstaa, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Everybody has their own little ritual when it comes to smoking and toking! wether you get the old grinder out and roll a nice fatty or crack out the good ol' Bong! We all have our own rituals when it comes to mary-jane! will everyone please share their rituals and maybe throw a couple of tips in about how to enjoy your product that little bit more :smoke:
  2. I like to inhale
  3. HAHA obviously!! thats not what I meant though
  4. Not really a ritual, but i always smoke the smallest nugs first, then the biggest ones last.
  5. Before bed every night I load my vapor genie with bud, then with a little layer of chamomile on top. The highs compliment each other, and helps me pass out.
  6. chamomile? like tea? theres an effect from vape/smoke?
  7. "Excuse me while I light my spliff
    Oh Jah, I've got to take a lift
    from reality I just can't drift
    thats why I'm staying with this spliff"
  8. grind, pack, light, inhale, exhale, chill.
  9. It's a pretty intricate procedure as a matter of fact...

    I break up my weed, put it in my bowl, and smoke it.
  10. Wake up
    Load a bowl up
    Turn on Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins and dance around in my top gun hat while I smoke
    Repeat every day for the next remaining years of my life.
  11. Dude... I'm so OCD about my weed it's not even funny...

    I'm like methodical about packing my bowl, I get wayyy too into it. I make sure it has the right airflow, loft, and bud/kief proportion. I should have been an engineer.
  12. Yes it's awesome

  13. Lay down a blanket in my shower and sit down light whatever I'm smoking and chill.
  14. smoke
  15. Grind it
    Smoke it
    Enjoy it

  16. hhahahahahahahahahah

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