What's your religion?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Gator, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Religion is a pretty taboo subject, it seems. Im just curious what other peoples religions are here on GC. I was born and raised, also confirmed, in a Methodist church; which is a form of Christianity. However, I stopped attending church when I was 15 years old because I wasnt forced to go to church anymore by my parents after confirmation. I really did not agree with a lot of what I was taught in the church. I've attended other churches before but I really feel out of place in church and have entirely different beliefs against Christianity.

    What is your religion?

  2. You sure you want to put him through that?
  3. I worship satan.
  4. S&P needs more posters, perhaps if it had more people who paid attention to it and contributed, we would not be stuck in the constant religion vs. skepticism, science vs. creationism, debates? :)
    I am confused, last time I talked to Satan he told me he worshiped you...? :p
  5. Weird. I was the same way. Born and raised in a Methodist church. Stopped attending church when I was 16, like 8 years ago. Wasnt forced to go to church but as I grew older I started questioning things and eventually gave up onthe church entirely. So I know what your saying man.

    ...and yea this probably should have been posted in the "spiritually & philosophy" section but it could also be considered "general" as well; it seems like a pretty general question to me. give the guy a break
  6. yeah satans my little bitch
  7. I'm a Catholic but I've pretty much given up on the church itself. I pray and worship in my own way.

  8. Are you Saddam?

    Oh, and Im agnostic.
  9. There is something there, even if it is just the connection and interaction of everything itself.
  10. My personal believes are influenced by religions such as Islam and Christianity, but I choose not to classify it because Im simply drawing my own conclusion of the Lord and life. Thats the way its supposed to be right?

  11. No... How is it true if you just think up your belief on the spot with no evidence? Could I believe that the Tooth Fairy is my lord and savior with no problems or issues? I doubt it, people would mock me... If I, however, claimed it to be a religion, they suddenly cannot say a word! Odd that. I would suggest using evidence and reason to arrive at your conclusions. The world is a fucked up place, filled with people who believe whatever the hell they want for no good reason, the more people who make use of logic the better. At least that way, there is a formula to arrive at conclusions. :)
  12. Agnostic nonreligious by definition.

    Atheist antireligious by conviction

  13. Maybe personal truth is the best kind of "truth" there is, when it comes to matters such as this.

    I dont think anyone thinks of something "on the spot" and sticks with it. We are all different, and maybe the only way to reach true enlightenment isnt by following the teachings and words of others, but rather by following ourselves to discover who we really are and what we believe to be true...on a personal level.

    We are individuals for a reason.

    Then again, maybe im just high and dont know my head from my ass.
  14. Personal truth only matters to the person who it is personally true for. Not exactly truth.
    I am not suggesting anyone follow the teachings of someone else religiously. I am advocating the use of logic in determining your beliefs and treasured truths.
  15. So is the kid thoroughly searching for the light of the universe or simply taking comfort in the concept of God?
  16. That is not for me to answer. I would think it is the latter, though, I cannot be sure as I am not that poster.
  17. My dad's side of the family is Catholic and my mom's side is Baptist. I was raised loosely Baptist... went to church about half the time, but was never heavily involved with it. I believed what I was told for the most part. Some time around the age of 13 or 14, I realized that I didn't believe in God, especially not in Christianity. I was going through a rebellious, anti-authority stage, which probably had something to do with it. Everyone who believed in God seemed ignorant to me. I wouldn't ever call myself a true atheist, more like agnostic. Anyway, I remained set in these beliefs up until maybe 2 or 3 years ago when I started to think about unanswered questions, for example how the universe came into existence and how life first began. To me it seemed like science was unable to completely answer these questions in a way that made sense. The intricacy and sheer size of the universe is something incomprehensible, and whatever caused it's existence must be something very powerful. This combined with my first few intense experiences with psychoactive drugs has convinced me that there is at least some form of a higher power or supreme being. Anyway thats basically where I am now... there's a lot more to my beliefs than that but I'm stoned and I don't feel like rambling anymore.
  18. Do you believe in the God of Abraham? Or do you still consider yourself to be an agnostic?
  19. I guess technically I'm agnostic, I'm still open to the possibility that there is no God, but I believe it is much more likely that there is some form of a higher power. I'm not necessarily limited to the God of the Abrahamic religions, or any other religion's specific concept of a supreme being. There isn't any form of organized religion that I practice, I simply believe that a higher power exists which is responsible for our existence. All religions interest me to some extent and I believe good and bad things can come from them regardless of what they believe.

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