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What's your record?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ManU10, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. What's your record amount of bowls smoked in one night?

    I just finished my fifth bowl of the night and I am talking to the sky.:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

    What about you guys?
  2. Just got a snap off my friends roor
  3. one night i smoked 15 bowls with a bunch of Egyptians at an Egyptian party it was fucking badass
  4. smoked and ounce between 4 people 1 night, rolled hella blunts nad hella bong was so high i was playin hacky sack with god.
  5. for jus bowls, 7 between 2 people.

    for blunts, about 12 blunts between 3 people ( it took a while to smoke em all :smoking: )

    i was beyond high man
  6. i love it when your like super stoned, i always get these out of body things, its fuckin killer.....seriously weed is like....the best thing on this planet, other then water, water is cool
  7. Well I am at 7 right now. I feel like I am in a different state.
  8. I've smoked over 20 grams between 5 people or so.
  9. on 4/20 last year i began keeping a tally on my arm with a sharpie and i got up to 17 and that didn't include like a shitload of joints and then i just forgot about it after i got out of school.

    oh man.
  10. wasnt exactly all bowls but the last time i could smoke before i went on probation i smoked,
    7 bowls out of the pipe and 6 j's between 2 people,
    then 4 bowls out of the bong and 3 more j's between 3 people.
    mind you, this was all within about an hour.
    whispering was so much fun.
  11. I seriously feel like I am living a completely different life.
  12. isnt water the best?
    i love that shit.
    especially zephyrhills.:hello:
  13. Every 420 for the past 4 years me and 2 homies have rolled up a Ounce of mids in blunts and a quad of fire through the GonG. Burned it all down than smoked the roaches when we woke up the next day lol.
  14. im pretty sure like 4 friends and me smoked like 3 blunts and then about 25 bowls one night by the beach and had a shit load of alcohol
  15. the most i've smoked in a night was an ounce of mids. i didnt keep track of bowls
  16. Well over 20 bowls in a session.
  17. probably about 15 or 20 bowls in one night, more than once..
  18. way too many to count

  19. this is awesome
  20. Ounce and a half was smoked between me and another person in about 10 hours. All we did was pack snappers back and forth... FOR 10 HOURS.

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