What's your prison bitch name?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyke, May 14, 2010.

  1. Ahahahah thats great.

    Mine is Towelboy lol
  2. Mine is: Beecher :confused:

    You can only BE SO LUCKY to have a prison bitch name like "Ball Sucker".

    Some people just don't know how to count their blessings. :D
  3. Cock Gobbler, apparently.
  4. must know me lol Horse Hung Harry

  5. Another GREAT name.

    Signed: Beecher.. /sigh
  6. water boi
  7. I am the knob goblin.... I love it.
  8. sweet lips. lol that actually sounds like a real prison bitch name.
  9. I put Dirty Pete in there and it came out The Wood-meister. If I was you Pete, I'd go with that instead of Cock Gobbler.
  10. ohhhhh youre supposed to use your USER name....

    in that case, mine is

  11. Salad Tosser
  12. Ok I put my user name Tyke in there and it came up Hung Muther...which is infinitely better than Ball Sucker LOL! Try 'em both and see what you come with.
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    im also getting

    turd tapper


    the jacker
  14. "Long Dong Kong":smoking:
  15. double fisted :eek:
  16. Skank Cunt

    I have a feeling I'll be knocking on the gates of penetration soon....;)
  17. they call me the ass mangler....
  18. Ass Mangler


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