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  1. When asked to throw down by a bigger guy. I kind of bitched out last night.. this guy outweighed me by 50 pounds and 4 inches. But I work out alot, and i'v been in a faaaaaaair amount of fights. But I wasn't confident enough. now that i'm sober I think i could. But my boy keeps telling me i shouldn't.

    I didn't fucking instigate it. When I say i bitched out, i had soem friends go talk to him.. it came down to if he did shit my boys would come and his boys woiuld come and i'd be dumb since we have afriends on common. So we ended with I won't attack you if you wont attack me. Though we never directly spoke.

    Fuck. This shit just makes me work out harder.. I should be doing work though. lol... so whats your policy on bigger guys gc.

    Although I know half of you a hippies so this thread isn't for you ig uess :p
  2. most people know me as the averaged sized guy that goes fuckin postal and you dont wanna be around if there is a fight going on, so i dont ahve a lot of people startin shit with me, nor do i purposfully start shit with others
  3. dont worry about it..there are times to fight and times to run away..

    your honor is your own to make, not others opinions of you..

    no way is it cowardice to not fight, in fact it shows you you are a bigger man..

    what were the reasons the fight could have started?? was it small? then you did the right move

    did he do something to harm you, your friends, or family?/ then you made the wrong choice and should have fought the bastard..

    and if you lose? big deal..fights are forgotten unless they are epic or you live in a verry small town with nothing to do
  4. Without knowing what it was all about (and not caring), There are times when it's better to fight and lose than to do nothing.

    You gotta be the own judge of that. Bruises and cuts heal.
  5. if there bigger and i know i dont stand a chance, sure ill bitch out...

    but if i think i can work over this person then ill go for it.

    By the way im 6'7" 180lbs 18 yrs old.
    ya i scrap, i go hard.
  6. Its not the big people you need to worry about, its the crazy ones.
  7. The above statement is very true.
  8. this is VERY true
  9. Never underestimate the kick to the groin.

  10. lol...this reminded me of a recent fight i witnessed..a guy tried to tackle another..the guy that was being tackled bent down and bit the dude in the back...started bleeding and the other guy cried like a girl..like literal tears/hands in his face crying
  11. On a serious note if you punch anyone in the throat they will not get up, do it hard enough they will never get up.
  12. While sometimes a fight is inevitable, you have to use your own judgement and make a decision when you actually have a choice. There is no shame whatsoever in backing down if you're honestly being smart about it and think that a larger guy could take you.

    Intoxication typically doesn't force us to rethink potential decisions, so if you were drunk at the time, I definitely say 'Kudos'. It's funny, though, because the last time I was in a serious fight I was stone cold sober and some drunken asshole was making fun of my friend's pants (What is this, 8th grade?). We got into it pretty severely and I gained a newly discovered respect for drunken fighting. Funny how that works out.

    Regardless, don't feel that anyone imposed on your manlihood because you were the better man and said 'No'. It's trivial to beat yourself up over it.
  13. Bas is the shit. He's my old MMA trainer.
  14. Yeah, no don't get me wrong, i'm not crazy when I fight i'm focused. I used to be crazy it never worked for me. I'v taken people bigger than me. But not by this much. The fight wasn't over anything important.

    And i'm not kickingn him in the groin. Thats gay.
  15. I got into a verbal argument with a 400 pound woman that had about ten or eleven tear drop tattos going down her left cheek...

    It's safe to say that I didn't meet her out in the parking lot.

  16. I'm debating just working otu harder, and then one day catch him drunk and i won't be fucking high. I'd be too quick for him the way I c it. But whatever.

    thanks guys i appreciate it.
  17. If you ever get in a real fight, you know the kind where you are not sure if your going to walk away from it, I promise you will do anything.
  18. I got a 6,7 friend who was knocked out, COLD by a big black girl.
  19. Hahaha, I respect and approve that decision.

    Chicks that bang are WAY harder than the dudes. They get emotional over the fight.
  20. Plus; you win, congratz you beat a girl. you lose you got your ass whooped by a girl. FUCK THAT

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