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Whats your plan today?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by swimswimswim, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. #1 swimswimswim, Nov 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011
    So what do you have to do on this monday, november 22nd duders out there? Me, i'm just in class, waiting for the nice thanksgiving break coming up. stay lifted.
  2. its my day off so im gonna get baked as fuck and play skyrim until my dealer texts me back so i can wash, smoke, and repeat
  3. Class, Rec, pre-game, smoke, karaoke night at the bars, smoke more, sleep. Going home for break tomorrow so everyone is partying it up tonight.
  4. Take my exam for history then get a few bowls lit, nothing due tomorrow then break :D
  5. Have the whole week off.

    Just chillen, stayin lifted. :smoking:
  6. I had class earlier, just got home. Now I'm gonna go smoke a bowl, listen to music, and play some KF. :]
  7. in the airport right now, coming off a 3 week t-break. cant wait to hit my connect up, its been so long :)
  8. Woke up, bowl of some OG Lemon Haze in the bong,
    Stats class,
    eating lunch now
    And then I have straight classes til 9...
    Gonna get lifted after..
  9. about to go to work from 2-11.. I also have to poop pretty soon
  10. Went and took a bio test at 815 am. Think I did fairly well due to hours of studying. Slept after test until 1130. Wrote a quick summary of an article. Went to class from 1235-125. In class now until 230. Then i'm going to eat lunch, chill and then blaze a little later and have a nice night.
  11. whats kf?
  12. [quote name='"TheDalaiLlama"']

    whats kf?[/quote]

    Killing Floor. It's a pretty good game.
  13. Get stoned, and do stuff...maybe.
  14. Working for the man until 7 tonight (11hour day :D)
    Then running with my roomie and my dogs.
    Go have a beer with my professor to discuss my capstone project.
    smoke a fat ass joint and research business and alcohol licenses in new mexico.

    And post some shit on grasscity inbetween all that...

    Have a good one blades.
  15. My days semi over but so far

    I went to a club got 1/4 of Cranberry Kush for $50

    Went to CVS and then to the super market.

    Now I'm waiting for my bf to arrive so he can move in with me, then we are going to the mall , then maybe some sushi, but I'm going to smoke him out fat tonight!!!!!
  16. good deal! today i'm just going through the motions, gonna go to class, head home, toke, chill.
  17. Just gonna header to class, toke after, chill, study, watch tv shit like that lol

  18. I want Cinnasquares! :smoking:

    - Wake up, homework, toke up, xbox, tutor, relax, toke up, relax, sleep.
  19. Eating 3 weed brownies and flying to new jersey:D..

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