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  1. hey GC, i'm thinkin about gettin a new piece pretty soon here and i'm kinda stuck between two "styles" and I need your input/experience/advise!

    I am thinking I either want to get a nice, but kinda simple bong like this:

    EHLE. Glass - Straight Cylinder Bong 500ml - Ice Notches - Red logo - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com

    With some kind of cool pre/inline cooler like this attached:

    Weed Star inline precooler - Ashcatchers / Pre-Coolers - Spare Parts - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com

    Or.... I was thinking about getting a cool little bubbler type thing like this:

    GlassCity - 8-arm Tree Perc Glass Bubbler - SNOB Glass/GlassCity Collab - Grasscity.com

    or maybe,

    Black Leaf - Octobong 15-arm Perc Bubbler with Disc Screen Slide Bowl - Glass Bongs - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com

    So what do you guys think? Is one set-up better or more efficient for smoother rips?

    I'm also open to other suggestions. So if you have any, feel free to share.

    I would like to spend ~$100.
    But the maximum I am willing to spend is $150.

    Thanks all! It is greatly appreciated!
  2. i got a paycheck coming and haven't bought from the site yet...but your description is similar to what i would want, price too. i have no advice for ya haha all i can say is i'm gonna be watching this post to get ideas of my own. who knows, i'll probably end up copying you!
  3. Haha.. Alright well hopefully we get some feedback!

  4. no kidding! but i do like the 8-arm tree bong for $125. that's not too bad and looks like a heavy hitter...
  5. I would say stick with the Ehle, but get yourself a quality diffuser instead of that WS inline. You can get an Alex K for the same price as the inline, or you can grab the gridded SG for a little more as well. Even the Syn showerhead downstem isn't a bad choice if you're strapped for cash.
  6. should get the bubs, one of them.
    preferably the blackleaf haha

    AL is better for buying pieces tho...
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  8. he could get a HVY and itd be better than most of the stuff on gc

    HVY has some cheaper pieces
  9. I appreciate the input! Do you guys have any insight as to the advantages/disadvantages of each style? Like would one rip smoother than the other? Is one type easier to clean? Etc.. I'm looking for you to tap into your personal experiences of what you like and dislike about the style/type of piece.


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