Whats your own opinion about fat people?

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    Before you start saying shit at me, yeah, i understand that there this 1% of fat people that have that gene or cannot lose the fat.

    But however, I had problems with fat people calling me anorexic or whatever when I'm 170cm tall and weighing at 65kg, which is skinny, but defs not anorexic.

    Also this seem to apply to fat girls, more than guys. They seem to complain, or try and make attention to themselves, and some even brag out about being a guys dreams, which in that context "FUCK OFF". This is why I don't want to be friend's with fat girls, or don't want even know them, and they don't take insults as well as guys :mad:. Also when they dress sexy, my mind say "Puke bucket, please". Or its the other away around where they bitch about being fat and bring the mood down, and they don't do anything about it

    I hear lot of people standing up for fat people, and its soo damm stupid. This link shows that https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=134155400060528&set=o.184147084942432&type=1

    Just a note, i do have 2 fat friends, but they don't behave like assholes (its rare to find someone nice, which is fat) and i help them to improve, in which they are happy to.
  2. Fat people = just people who are fat
    If you think less of them because of this, I'd say you have a prejudice
    You have a problem with fat people having confidence or people standing up for them? you should focus on yourself. Nobody likes to see a whale in a bikini at the beach, but to have a real problem with who these people are big is immature and shallow :smoking:
  3. I got an idea,lets put them on trains and send them to "camp".lol.
  4. To be fair, i don't go out of my way to insult them

  5. :eek: my god.. I'M EVIL

  6. I have reason to believe the OP is a reincarnation of Hitler ha ha.That being said,when you start WW3 because you bombed a golden carral.Just remember what happened to Germany in the first two.
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    I do agree with you 100% with regards to the prejudice, but unfortunately, my prejudice is more against unhealthy people than "fat" people. There is a difference.

    Now again, to each their own. For whatever reason you want to live your lifestyle, LIVE IT. I have NO problem or prejudice against it, and normally would not have a problem with those who live unhealthy lifestyles, except for one thing.

    Unfortunately (at least in the US), where I work out regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle and use a doctor maybe once or twice a year for the random sickness, I have to PAY for the person who is overweight, diabetic, and on disability because they are too unhealthy to work through my perpetually increasing insurance and tax rates.

    And believe me, if you're not having to feel the sting of the various types of insurance that our society either makes you or legally guilt you into carrying, you will very soon. I don't even want to think about how much money I waste every single month on "insurance" in my life.

    And almost every single one of those insurance rates take into account the entire spectrum of human motivation, from the 450-pound welfare beast that hasn't left a couch in 3 days to the health nut who runs half marathons every morning who only visits their doctor every 5 years for a physical.

    TL;DR: I have no problems with fat people, but our society makes us pay for unhealthy lifestyles, which I do have a problem with, and creates a false prejudice.
  8. My opinion is that they are fat.
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0aIqx1McVI]Stewie Follows Fat Guy With TUBA - YouTube[/ame]

    Ha Ha Ha.
  10. People like this should be euthanized.

  11. You fat people make me sick!!stank and i hate ya
  12. Op is jelous he is ectomorph and cant gain weight.. he hate fat people because of this....

  13. You're fat.
  14. I love when hes out of breath towards the end.
  15. It was too damn funny

    I also liked the angle of his sweat pants. I wonder if his stomach or the pants was covering his penis. Either way I give this dude mad props, it takes balls to look like that and be totally comfortable with yourself
  16. fat chicks need love too... I'm just not gonna be the dude to mechanically separate that chicken if u know what i mean.

    btw Chris farley was only funny because he was fat.
  17. in my experience most fat people have been assholes to me, but i have some friends that would be considered overweight...if your nice to me, i will be nice to you
  18. actually for me, Ive noticed fat people are nicer to me than other people (and I'm skinny, used to be very muscular and lean and never was fat).

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