Whats your opinions on f*cking girl in ass? (srs)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Kali Kushaa, May 4, 2011.

  1. I potentially have the opportunity to. Can't say I've done it before so not sure what to expect in the other hole lol. What you guys say
  2. also, pics or gtfo
  3. why would you not do it???????
  4. its this weekend so pics r gunna have to wait ? and pics of what haha the girls ass?
  5. Meh, if you feel up for it.. do it. If the idea makes it look like the circus came in to town because there is a tent in your pants.. I'd say.. hell ya. go for it.
  6. Go for it. Wear protection though.
  7. I mean you poop out of that thing....
  8. have you ever heard the story of the dude who decided to fuck his girl in the ass for the first time and ended up ripping her o ring or whatever the fuck it is out and she had uncontrolable shits. Don't do it lol, it's just dirty as fuck
  9. yea def. wasnt thinkin bout going in raw dog.
  10. These kinds of questions really shouldn't have to be asked...
  11. I would say yes. Has she done it before? bc there are ways that it can become a very uncomfortable situation real fast
  12. Has anyone done this before? just wondering what to expect dont wanna pull out and have rocky road ice cream lookin ishh everywhere??
  13. Just pull out slow or she will get pissed. Also don't use lotion or anything haha just condoms. This girl I used to chill with said lotion made her asshole real itchy hahahahaha
  14. I mean, it could turn out really really bad... There is that story of the girls intestines being ripped out, and her dying in the guys arms... actually there are tons of stories like that.. but that guy was packing some serious heat in his drawers. Just whatever keeps your boner veiny, man.
  15. *sigh*

    A couple of more questions that really should never be asked...
  16. honestly i don't think that many people have. there is just a yuck factor to it. i'm telling you don't do it lol. and btw i have never and will never do it
  17. I seriously dont get they hype of it

  18. This didn't happen.
  19. she says shes done it before and said it hurt but i rather go for the pink...if i decide not to cant go wrong with dome

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