Whats your opinions on "dancing?"

Discussion in 'General' started by herb1990, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I always hear people bashing "Dancers" Ive always wondered what do guys honestly think about girls who "dance/Strip" for a living. I mean not the whores, not girls who will blow guys or fuck them for money but just the girls who will dance on stage. Are they whores?
    I wont lie I have recently thought of it after hearing from a couple friends who do this and make about $500 on one night average...JUST DANCING.
    Am I a whore for thinking about doing this? I mean yes some skin may be shown but the human body is nothing to be ashamed of right?
    I have respect for myself and I mean shit if all's I have to do is get up on a stage and trot around for big bucks why not? I would never take it farther than a lap dance. Ever. But I mean I see girls at clubs griding on guys all the time for free they never get called whores but when you do it and make money its frowned upon..I dont understand.
    I would love to hear opinions on this...
    If you were a female would you ever consider?
    What do you think about it?
  2. soliciting your body for money makes you a whore, regardless of how far you go with it
  3. 500 a night for dancing? sign me up please.

  4. Not that there is anything wrong with it besides those who look down on it.
  5. Who cares what others think to call you?

    You need money, you do what you can...
  6. haha fuck those people who say dancers are whores... most of the times people are saying this, they just envy those people who actually can. If you wanna dance and get 500 bucks the night, why not.
  7. you gotta do what you gotta do to get your cash.

    dont worry about how people are goin to look at you.

    youre not the one starvin.

    goodluck nd have fun.
  8. I'm jealous... I wish I could make $500 a night.
  9. There are ways and means of making a whole lot more; if only you believe...

  10. Well. If you think about it, strippers arent much different than your common super sexy receptionist at a big corporation. Both got hired for their tits and other assets. Strippers just in a way exploit the way things are for all its worth. But if I were a woman, you wouldnt catch me dead picking up one dollar bills off the ground. I totally forgot where i was going with this. Hopefully someone gets my point. :smoke:
  11. It's questionable, but I'm a questionable character myself.

  12. Someone's ugly...
  13. I just cant make enough to support myself and if their was any other way to make a load of cash I would go for it. But alls I really have to do is walk in a club and bam hired pretty much is what my friends were saying. I have a tone body and nice boobs im told I know I could make money easy. Thanks for being supportive most of you guys I was scared people would be putting it down. But Im glad people can view it like me. Seems like a fun job I mean I will meet all kinds of people and I wont have to really put up with paperwork or stocking or anything just a simple job with lots of money..It sjust so hard to pick up a good paying job in this economy.
  14. you should go for it... and if you decide not to continue your job, thats ok too and nobody will ever know you once danced for some time... except maybe some customers and they wont hate on you
  15. Its a double edged sword.
  16. if your cool with people looking at you like your a peice of meat or
    and object

    then yeah its cool.

    idk if strip = heady vibes/
  17. Regardless of what others think, if you believe you can handle doing it i say why not just give it a shot, maybe doing it once will get that craving curved, and you'll be 500 bucks richer. And doing it once doesn't make you a whore just an open minded person whose willing to try exotic means for fun and entertainment lol.

  18. i mean yeah this or

    it could just stir up alot of lower chakra vibration
    that could be blinding you from what you really are/
  19. Dancing is satanic

  20. It's not such a big deal IMO. I have several friends that strip and they are all good and honest girls. It might be a bit degrading at times but it's a good transitional job for attractive young ladies. If you decide to go for it just make sure you do your research on the places to choose from. Some clubs are ripe with drug addicts that can make working there a nightmare and possibly a temptation. In a lot of places, prostitution is common and many times expected of you. The drugs and prostitution usually go hand in hand and I can assure you that you do not want to fall into that trap.

    If you're doing it to "get through school" or until you "find another job" just make sure you stick to that plan. Making that much money, it can be easy to push more important things aside and before you know it years have past and you haven't done shit to improve your life. You don't want to end up as that saggy 50 year old bitch on stage at 10am in a dirty club for $40 to get by..

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