Whats your opinion on teenagers?

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  1. I hope this answers what I thought the question would be:

    WHO ARE WE?!

    Anyway, I don't think there should be any compulsory development classes in schools. Reason being, not everyone is the same. We all grow in different ways. We all grow at different times and different rates. So there can't be a one-size-fits-all development class. Heck no. Teens don't even know who they are at that age. They should be let to discover all those things at their own time and pace.

  2. Such a strategy doesn't really work considering that's exactly whats happening now. There are certain almost universal things for humans and that we can all learn. For example I got the opportunity to attend a Tony Robbins seminar which went over 4 days.

    If that seminar was compulsory for everyone in life, I swear the world would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. In 4 days I learnt so much about the way I work and what is limiting me from succeeding. There is not a single person in the world who could have no benefited from that seminar if they came in with a open mind.
  3. I'm 18. Pretty sure I was born with the mind of a 60 year old though. I just lack experience and the knowledge gained from experience.

  4. I think some things are better taught outside of the school.


    Personally, I have very little confidence in government's ability to run a proper education system. So I think it's a good thing that they didn't try to teach us how to be 'happy'. Otherwise we could have turned out even more fucked up!
  5. @webdesingnomad

    I fail to see how these things aren't already being implemented in fucntional homes. Even schools learn you that success is not determined by talent or ability, but by your work ethic. So teaching kids something that they are already taught at a subtextual level, is ridiculous.
  6. Its not just about work ethic man. Like here is an example. One of the biggest things I learnt in the seminar which I believe everyone should be taught is the 6 human needs. I am not talking about like food and water.

    Certainty, Uncertainty, Love/Compassion, Significance / Importance, Personal Growth, Contribution.

    I am not going to go into the detail of it cause but literally that is everyone's needs, if I explained the whole thing out well you would realize the things you do revolve around that. That those 6 needs influence what you do everyday yet you don't realize it. Why? Cause you were never taught it. It should be freaking illegal to go through 8th grade and not know that shit because that alone has improved the quality of my life signifcantly
  7. People can learn about the '6 human needs' you mentioned from a lot of different places.

    I'm glad you learned them in your school. Your school sounds like a good place.
  8. What I do however feel schools need to teach kids, is critical thinking skills. If they did, then there would be no Wiz Khalifa. He couldn't even rhyme fart with fart if he tried. He is the worst example of a rapper anyone could conjure up. He only raps about cars and MJ, and he does so in the simplest of rhyming patterns.

    In other fields, those at the top of their profession came there through hard work and mastery of theirrespective trades. Whereas, rappers like Wiz Khalifa are at the "top" for reasons unknown. He can't rap for shit. Don't give me that tired argument of, "If he was so shit, then why is he so famous/rich/whatever?" It all comes down to marketing, not talent, and that's where the problem lies. The rap industry hasn't evolved. People like Wiz Khalifa sell because figureheads tell people to buy whatever they are selling.

    I'm sure major labels would sign a lol cat band if they could, but so far lol cats seem to keep it underground, they aren't in it for the money - yet.

    Wiz Khalifa's success has nothing to do with his work ethic.

    If we look at acting, the best actors are the ones who are most visible. If we look at athletes, the ones who are most talented are most successful. The same can't be said for rap. Wiz Khalifa is prooof.

  9. Are you saying that the school should teach us 'critical thinking skills' so that we can rap better?
  10. Anyway

    Everyone has a different theory of our human needs. There's Freud, Maslow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, literally dozens of different theories. Is this some esoteric knowledge that kids can't find out on their own? Hell no! They know what drives them. They know their goals, some even know how to get to them. The problem lies in overcoming problems and set backs. But that comes back to critical thinking.

  11. No. They should teach us critical thinking skills so that we can pick up implied meaning from texts or other forms of communication. What I implied was that people would realise that Wiz Khalifa is a rube. He can't do shit. His movie was a dud. His album is total shit. But hey he sells.

    Why does he have a recording contract? He doesn't do much for songs. He just drones over expensive beats.

  12. Oh... so you're saying the school should teach us to have better taste in music...?

    Or may be I failed in school terribly... so I'm not very good at getting what you've implied... or should I say, the school failed miserably in educating me?
  13. I wish my school taught that, I had to go learn all the stuff I believe really matter on my own, my school didn't teach me shit.

    Totally agree with the critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is path of personal development as well. Learning to think better is a way of improving yourself.

    I don't wanna go off topic and defend Wiz but I like him cause of his attitude, his ethic and cause I believe his music has a message behind it. Not all of his music but some are badass. Also it seems like you hate mainstream rap in general. Thats fine. I have no idea why people love the idea of hating mainstream. Where I live in Australia pretty much no really cares about Wiz and he isn't really played at all. I liked him for who he is and cause I can relate to his music. In my opinion, he just sets a good example.

    Edit: I do agree, the movie was an epic fail haha

  14. Whatever's fine. They both equally highlight your obvious low intelligence and failed attempt at baiting me. Bye bye, Troll.

  15. Aw... come on... was calling me troll really necessary?
  16. I don't disagree. His message of, " you can do anything you put your mind to," is good, but he doesn't catch my attention. I listened to Rolling Papers, Cabin Fever 2 and O.N.I.F.C., but it just feels like he's ... not the Wiz he was before the fame.

    Mainstream rap sucks ... tbh. What do we have? Future? Hannah Montana's coke dealing Morocan cousin, French Montana. Meek Mill, who's increasingly sounding like Ace Hood? It's all played out, man. There's no creativity left. Everyone's in it for the money. No one cares about the art.
  17. does anyone, anywhere,any time period know what is going on anymore with anything at all?:rolleyes:
  18. Its a shame.

    Lately i have been questioning whether i may have ADD.

    I always told my self i wouldnt get prescribed any medication for this, but im starting to really think i have it

    Completing and remembering tasks is difficult, im unorganized, have bad anxiety, can only focus on things i really enjoy and am very impatient.

    In the back of my mind i wonder if ADD is even real...or if its the shit education system doing this to everyone.

  19. Does anything, anywhere, know anything....:smoking:
    Define anything.
  20. Many of the effects of MJ intoxication mimic ADD, so it could be possible that you are psyching yourself out. Or you could just want "medication." I totally get it; we all want to feel "normal" - whatever that is.

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