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Whats your opinion on teenagers?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by webdesignnomad, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I ask myself this question lots. Let me make a point, I am not trying to make a comparison between the teenagers of today compared to what they were like 10, 20 or 50 years ago or whatever.

    I believe most teenagers really don't know what the hell really is going on and I think that largely has to do with the education system. We have come to a stage where we are really understanding us (humans), the patterns that drive us to succeed, how to treat ourselves well and what really makes us happy. Sadly most of this is not taught in school. The closest thing you may get to this is some BS religious studies class which I would hardly call personal development.

    Now obviously not every teen is like this, I think a good example is Wiz Khalifa, he is an example of someone who really knew what he needed to do and worked hard at it ( [ame=]Wiz Khalifa: This Is How I Made It - YouTube[/ame] )

    When I look at most people in their teen years I see people who are lost, have no passion, live for the weekend, lack emotional control and the ability to think critically/logically.

    I think we are at the stage of human development where it is morally incorrect for us to not have personal development studies as a compulsory part of school. This small change will resonate out huge differences in the overall quality of peoples lives and our Earth.

    What is your opinion on this sort of thing? Do you think you would have benefited from personal development classes? Such as listening to Joe Rogan to help expand your mind or Tony Robbins to learn more about your patterns. I believe personal development has been the single largest driving force in my life and it's thanks to that I am happy.

  2. When I look at most people this is what I see.
  3. Thats a pretty good point actually, I agree most people are like that.
  4. My opinion on teenagers? They have potential, inquiring minds and lots of energy, but they lack experience. They also have fantastic tech skills!

    (We "old hippies" have the experience, are "older and wiser", but lack the energy and tech skills the kids have. Which is why I think young and old stoners should join forces to get cannabis legal! Together, we would be unstoppable!)

  5. If the education system didn't work against the students instead of with them and introduced them to different philosophies and voices , teens might actually find an interest. Though I'm not against going into the entertainment business, I think too many want to be a music artist for the wrong reasons like getting rich and famous.

    I remember seeing a sign before writing my diploma exams ,which I think is similar to SATs in US . "Writing these exams are a privilege , not a right." They focus way too much on discipline rather than creativity and interests. They kill the curiosity as we grow up.
  6. i read until you started talking about how great wiz khalifa is..
  7. Does anyone, of any age, really know what the hell is going on anymore ;)
  8. Teens today are so fucking stupid. I wish I was 20 in 1983 instead of 2013... -sigh-
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    Teens are simply Wills who still can be molded and manufactured... the frailty, or any other characteristic of a persons personality, of adulthood is directly tied to the experiences one lives while they're an adolescent and a teenager; so, don't blame a teenager for what he or she does, cause he or she does not know any better, and they're all just trying to find a path, like a Will is hardwired to do. No matter which direction a human takes, we must all understand that we are all caught up in the rapture, the rapture of our turbulent planet. If we were taught the "knowledge of self" as teenagers, this planet would be replete with Gods and Goddesses, enlightened beings aware of the intricacy of reality, but since the teenager stage in life is soo vital in the equation of constituting a persons character, they're targeted by the power system, and misinformation, insecurity, harsh tutelage and hostility are projected onto them, thus rendering them "little devils" who become subject to everyone's, unwarranted and judgmental, disdain. Smh...
  10. I was young, dumb, and full of cum when I was younger :p
  11. Sounds like someones got a case of "the golden age syndrome"... but, I get it bro, we all wish we can go back to a time when life seemed easier and simpler, but maybe the simplicity, humility, and enlightenment most yearn for will come to fruition in the future, as we learn from our past.
  12. You'd be surprised how many of them love current life and how anything older than 3 years is "old" and"obsolete".
  13. Didn't people say the same thing when rock n roll came out?

    I think people have always said the same thing generation after generation.
  14. I mean, I'm 22, and I still wish I can go back to a time like the American revolution, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the now or don't understand the worth of now, u know?
  15. I know what you mean and I love my life and don't take it for granted, but current life is just so stupid and babified, it kills me!
  16. Yea, man, I can dig it:bongin::smoke:.
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    Uh... You meant 18, right?

    Please do not encourage underage users to lie about their age - WW
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    The reason I didn't highlight the first part of ur post is because I believe thee adults who are puerile and impulsive, just as they were in their teenage years, aren't to blame; yes, there will always be people like this, who are juvenile and unaware, but this isn't their fault. The world is the way it is because the power structure knows exactly how to retain their solid and stable position amidst this turbulent world; a world/environment/reality that they deliberately strive to perpetuate the existence of; so, what I'm basically saying is -- don't be too judgemental or harsh towards the sheeple, they should pitied, and admonished, rather than mocked and attacked; just as u shouldn't bark at an innocent child not knowing any better, neither the sheeple.

    But, that being said, the rest of ur post was great, cheers:cool:. Live life the way u love to, and don't listen to anyones bullshit opinion, do u!
  19. ^Yea, it's kind of strange that we'll be more often be patient with an ignorant child than an ignorant adult , when that adult probably lived through an ignorant upbringing. Everyone has their own story, but we kind of forget that as well.
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    This is the exact statement which I wish schools would tell everyone to being with. No one knows what the hell is going on. People can pretended to know that their god is right, or their way is right or whatever but at the end of the day no one has any literal idea wtf is happening. Or what "this" is.

    Edit: also whats up with the hate for Wiz, if anyone took the time to watch the video, you will see theres way more to the man then pot and cars. I look up to him as a stoner inspiration because of the dudes work ethic. He's someone who proved that if you dream it and you work for it you can achieve it.

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