What's your opinion on sohum soil?

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  1. Is it really worth all that money for one bag? I heard you cam get wholesale but I'm just curious if anybody has tried this stuff and what you think compared to other super soils or the recipe on here?
  2. no.
    After reading their list of ingredients IMO they left out some stuff and they want you to buy new soil after each run.
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  3. less expensive and better to mix your own soil!
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  4. I just see a lot of ppl buying the shit and liking it but I also am assuming they have no idea what they're doing that's why I asked here
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  5. iam starting a grow using sohum only with air pots so I'll keep it posted
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  6. I was given a deal on some at $20 a bag and tried it and have had success using it. Super sweet smoke. I top dressed fresh ewc and some greensand and kelp and am on my second round without showing any issues. I use the no till recipe as well and the sohum works about the same, maybe a little hotter to start. If you can get it for less than $40 a bag its not bad.
  7. Never heard of it....but if it's expensive then I would think it's not worth it....I've seen fantastic plants grown in soil that wont break the bank
  8. I have a shit thumb man I've spent so much money on this and that and just csnt find something I'm good with. I'd like to try the no till method possibly idk what kind if containers I'm going to use in the greenhouse when i get it and again I've literally wasted so much cash just buying this and that and I suck at this.
  9. Yeah.....without the knowledge and "know how"......even the best, most expensive gear/soil won't be worth :poop: to you.

    Side note: just because it's expensive doesn't mean its good
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    Holy shit

    I am so in the wrong business

    Edit: if I screen a few hundred bags of my garden soil and sell them for - ?$50.?


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  11. YOUR soil..... $75.00 / 1.5 cf bag local pick-up.
    shipping at UPS regular rates. :)

    although, with that score you made with all that granite and now your sitting in the pretty seat, maybe you can afford to discount your new soil to attract new business.... $72.50 / bag
    it's so damn expensive some dumb*ss will buy it convinced it MUST be that good if it's that expensive. LOL LOL LOL

    ...... oh wait. don't do that. When I was new at this *I* would have been that dumb*ss shelling out that stupid money I couldn't have afforded in the first place hoping it would help me grow good plants.

    I have no doubt that your soil, with your ancient leaf mold and homemade ewc's, and Joy's contributions... lol you have some serious soil going on there.

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  12. man all they are doin is making it easier for everyone if u count all the money u shell out for ur nutes then 45 a bag ain't to bad
  13. you are 100% absolutely right!...........IF the soils were all worth what they are charging. Some are pretty good, some SUCK and aren't worth $5.00/bag.
    if you are growing no-till style and looking for this type of soil you generally run larger sized pots. 10, 15, 20, 30, gal or more. I loved my 15-gal bags. Anything over trying to fill maybe a single 5 or 7-gal bag is going to get REAL expensive real fast. For less money you can mix your own and it WILL be better, AND still have leftover amendments to use if you want to topdressing, or make teas, whatever.

    A sigle 5-gal bag for a single plant, ok, maybe that's easier, although expensive. anything more than that you are pretty much definitely better in value mixing your own. :)
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  14. ya I agree with you I know that iam gonna grow with 3 gal air pots and it should fill 2 or 3 pots so one bag is worth the 45 bucks to me for 2 or 3 plants
  15. I re-use my soil.....it's too expensive for me.....to only use it for 1 plant!!
  16. ya I understand iam just trying out on this run if it works then my boss will buy it in bulk they do have wholesale discounts
  17. Yeah I didn't pay more than 20 for it and like I said it worked well and it's still growing strong on the second run with a minimal topdress
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  18. rite on do u have the recipe I wanna try it out after this run
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  19. If it was the best darn soil in the world it would still be a waste of money.

    Constructing your own is the simplest thing ever and allows control - there is many mixes here in the Organics forum that will work out excellent for you. A base of quality compost, sphagnum Peat, any of a mixture of soil amendments and a touch of aeration and you’re ready to grow fine cannabis - or veggies or flowers.

    Don’t buy into the hype of bagged soil. In an afternoon for a couple bucks you could have enough rich organic soil mixed to last you years - while you use it over and over.

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