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What's your opinion on responsible use?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Boojeah, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. There are many different ways to use cannabis, some good and some not, and im interest find out what people believe to be responsible use.

    Cannabis can really help you get a different perspective on things by blocking outside influences and allowing you to really think about things based on how YOU feel. But i think if used too much too often then you can really lose touch with base and become ignorant to other ideas as well as ignore problems.

    Everyone is different and everyones situation is different so let me hear how you guys think this amazing plant should be used
  2. It depends so much on your tolerance. I can burn a 1~2 gram blunt of some dank dank like diesel or maui and be ready to drive or even race motocross, but others take a few rips of it and can't function for shit and end up going the wrong way on a 1 way street.

    if you can handle the amount you smoke it's fine by me.
  3. I still say one shouldn't drive high, it'll just fuel the anti-cannabis movement. Otherwise, I can't think of a level that would be excessive. Weed just doesn't work that way in my eyes.
  4. if you were to eat a brick of hash, that would be excessive

    that's why i smoke it. one golden piece at a time.
  5. When I was in india I ate a 20 gram ball of hash.

    I was tripping like a shroom trip.
  6. Personally, if you don't hurt anyone else and your staying safe and out of harms way.

    THAT is responsible use.

    Its 12:45 am. Its completely dark outside, lights out on the surrounding houses. I believe I'm going to go smoke a blunt. Be back in a few to bump that thread, haha.
  7. i ate a big ball of it in jamaica. it was like someone poured water on my mind
  8. So would one have to press kief into hash to eat it, or could one eat kief directly?
  9. I think its when you start harming others that you become irresponsible.
    We are free to do whatever we please to our own self and this is fine as long as it remains just that, our own self.
  10. it's a plant. do whatever you like. cook it in soup, grind it up and stick it in your eye. whatever floats your boat
  11. i think as said above, responsible use is use that doesnt effect others. To be honest, although i do it all the time, and have absolutely no problems with it, driving while high is not responsible. shit, driving while tired is not responsible, driving on clariton and other allergy medicine is not responsible though, so its almost unrealistic.. andi 've been smkoing for a long enough time now that i can blaze (like someone said above) 1-2g's to the dome, and hope in teh car without much hesitation.. i actually think i'd probably drive better, deffinatly much more passive than i would if i wasnt high.
    but True, Responsible, Smart use, is use in a home/private residence, when you have nothing important left to do during the day, you have no appliances running, and no candles lit =).. but um, thats a little excessive
  12. he was asking if u would get high if u just ate kief or hash by itself.....

    and ive heard some arguments saying that if u ate enough of it u can get high, but it takes alot. im not sure, but i wouldnt eat it str8 like that. either make some edibles or smoke it.
  13. ever heard of the "tale of the hashish eater"?
  14. I don't care how a person uses drugs, but if you abuse them then you have no right to tell people it's a bad drug. It's not a bad drug, you're just lackin the willpower to properly use that drug.
  15. Responsible means you don't affect others. How does a person sitting inside 24/7 smoking weed hurt anyone? It doesn't.

    Personally, I feel weed should be treated like alcohol. Minimum age, laws against public consumption, and keep the driving laws.

    And for those that say you can't test if a driver is high, may I present to you thr Burger Rule. If a cop thinks you're driving high, he pulls out a burger. If, when he moves it side to side, your eyes stay locked on it, he should do further investigating.
  16. I actually lol'd
  17. no, enlighten me
  18. I'd say for a newcomer to the world of marijuana they should stay away from the wheel and learn how to control their high. Seeing as this is the seasoned tokers thread I expect none of you to fall into that category.
  19. that's what wiki is for. it was written like a thousand years ago.
  20. Exactly. We should be able to do anything, anytime, anywhere, as long as our actions do not negatively affect others.

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