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Whats your opinion on Gap Year(s) ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnywilks, May 9, 2011.

  1. As im nearing the end of my highschool days (senior). Iv'e come to realise I have no idea what i would like to do with my life.

    Ive been given the advice - "Find something that interests you "

    At 18 i honestly have no idea what interests me "workwise". So that advice is hard to follow.

    What is your opinion on having "Gap" Year(s) ?

    My parents are both split on their opinions, My dad is for it and my mum is against it, she belives its taking the easy way out. But "ultimately its my decision/life"(parents)

    So basically After completing highschool , having a year or 2 off.
    Working Part time - To save up some money
    Having 1-2 more years to mature.
    Having time to Make up a decision on what i would like to do.

    P.S - Here in Oz there are no colleges. There are Universitys, Tafe (apprenticeships, Trades). Im not going for a score to get into uni, so i will not be qualified to go to Uni. But really if after the 2 years i decide Uni is where i would like to be. There are many other ways to get it.

    So let me know what Is your Opinion/Advice ? :D
  2. Im takin a year off as im a senior in hs as well. Im gonna work a shit ton to save money tho
  3. It will always be harder to do higher learning the longer you wait. In my opinion, if you plan on going at all your not doing yourself any favors by waiting.

    From the sounds of it you have pretty open options, and your parents sound pretty supportive. Why not just blindfold yourself and pick something off of a list? At the very least, you will be on your way to learning something that could be used as a fall back in the future.
  4. I hate school and i know im not gonna buckle down this fall and i got some shit to pay off so college would be just more debt
  5. ahh, my parents say that "advice" to me on the daily...and your right, its pointless advice, because i have no idea what i want to do for a career. and now, here i am, just finished my second year of college.

    i feel like all i have accomplished is making myself dead broke and wasting a bunch of my parents money because school has not helped guide me towards a career one bit.

    On that note, good idea to take a year off, work hard and save up some money, it goes real fast once you get to school.:mad:
  6. Hey man I'm from aus aswell and in year 12, I honestly cannot be fucked with schooling anymore, so I'm taking like 5 months off or so and joining the army gap year course then getting back into my electrical trade, just my pathway I'm going to take on the subject.
    Toke on
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    I disagree. A lot of people bring up the debt aspect. But college/higher learning is only a debt if you don't finish. Consider it an investment that depreciates the longer you wait.
  8. Honestly, go to college right after high school. The l longer you wait, the harder it is to go back. If you have community colleges, go to one of those.
  9. Only probplem i see is the part time thing... u cant save any real $$$ part time. IU am not talking save $4-5,000 I mean $10,000+. IMHO (which means nothing really lol) work fulltime. dont get a new car or a car with a pynt. Do everything possible to save every dime. Shit a year off outta HS... u should easily save 10,000 if you are really serious about saving $$$... If you are going to save 2-3,000 dont bother... in 3-4 months that $$$ would be gone anyway.
  10. Bingo... the fact that you start making more $$$ per year means for the rest of your life you will make more $$$. a 3% raise on $15 is more than a 3% raise on $11. Which might not seem like much but in year 10-15 it means $30+ per hour not $25 and thats $10,000 a year!!!!
  11. why would you take a year off and work part-time? might as well go full-time if you aren't going to school. that's what i'm doing.
  12. Just go to college right after high school. The longer you wait, the more comfortable you get with your lifestyle and it will get harder and harder to decide to go to school finally. Once you do decide you don't want to work at a low wage job you'll be like 30 and it will feel awkward to go to college with a bunch of 18 year olds. I went to college right after high school and don't regret it one bit, so much fucking fun; you'll miss out. Plus, I don't hate college school days nearly as much as I hated school days in high school. you get to pick your schedule and professors don't mess with the busy work bullshit.
  13. im not in college and i dont have a low wage job. i'm a marketing consultant making 1500+ bi-weekly and i'm only 19. there are plenty of people who made out just fine without a college education right out of high school.
  14. You love weed right? well there ya go lol. thats my fallback, is using everything i kno about marijuana and opening up a medical MJ dispensary in Cali. Gonna grow it, sell it, share peace love and happiness with the world and make alot of mula. and hey, free weed
  15. better grab about 40grand to get started... lol^
  16. I'm doing the exact same thing. I took a year off and am working because I really have no idea what I want to do.

    As long as you just don't sit around smoking weed all day, and actually get a job, then it's not that bad of a choice lol

  17. Good luck falling back on that. "Yeah I'd like to open up a mortgage for my medical marijuana dispensary. I haven't really gone to school or gotten a degree"

    Walked of out building laughed at.
  18. I worked from the time I was 14 and a few months weekends, and a couple hours after school except for 1 year I was in boarding school in France. I went to university right after high school, and the only real difference was I got more hours of work in because of my class schedule. <shrug> I would say get the schooling out of the way, if nothing else with a degree you can teach English as a Second Language in Asia while backpacking around the world if you end up short of money there. I never really gave much thought to taking a year off - I had an apartment, a cat and a car loan. What would I do? Work a second job? I really couldn't go wander around the world, and I was never really interested in backpacking around the world, my family tended to travel on vacations so it would have been nothing particularly different for me.

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