What's your opinion on a girl that flashes to a group of men?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 341238, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. If you saw a drunk girl showing her boobs to a group of guys.. would you think she's chill to be open about it or just no bueno? :smoke:
  2. Go for it fuck it
  3. i'm down with free boobs. is that even a question?:smoke:
  4. It means she's a slut lol, maybe good for the night but not much use beyond that
  5. i didnt realize you had feelings for her, that changes everything, i wouldn't be crazy pissed if i wasn't. i'm assuming that means you want to date her, personally i think that would kill it for me. i would still be down to smash, but i wouldnt think of her as the dating type lol.

    also rubber your ducky.
  6. im a truck driver by profession,,,

    ive seen a lot of tits,, due to being flashed,,,

    ...it doesnt downgrade the girl...

    it gets her a honk by the airhorn,,,and a smile on my face,,,


    a females tits are a very lovely and special thing,,,

    if you have a chick that has a nice firm set of chest-nuts,,,,

    and you want to be greddy and keep the sight of them all to yourself,,,'' that just break's every man-code known to all men''...

    let the titties be shown with love and care<------------:cool:
  7. Sounds like you ran into a bona fied slut! Congrats sir!
  8. I'd ask her if I could have a suckle.
  9. She might be so many things (drunk, lonely,slutty, horny) no one should really judge a girl by a flash, judge the tits nothing more.

  10. Some wise words from a wise man...
  11. Do not question the free titties! Welcome them. Dude obviously she wants to fuck someone, be a man kid..
  12. Sluts are bueno.
  13. It's not like she let all the guys she flashed do a bukkake on her or anything....don't worry about it man she was probably just under the influence and loving the attention her boobs were getting her that night
  14. I think where's she been all my life
  15. How does a girl that flashes her tits make her a slut?
  16. boiiiiiing [\beavis]
  17. She could just be a stupid drunk girl who wants attention or it could be one of those hippy girls who has some kind of moral reasoning behind it.

    Either way, in my book, tits are good :D:p
  18. This is random, but 2010 Seattle hempfest there was a girl giving out free motorboats hahah

    some of the older women there were disgusted but I went for it, she had a nice rack. I think everybody I was chillin with got a free motorboat...
  19. ^^lol...Im guessing thats some kind of titty fuck?

    About the girl....shes just proud of her knobs......dont judge if it was just a flash...It feels good to let em out now and then ;)
  20. In a perfect world- NAH THEY AINT NO SLUTS
    In the real world- they are most likely a slut

    There are some exceptions, but most of the time they're gonna be sluts :p

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