What's your old babysitter up to?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by *wakeNbake, Feb 13, 2009.

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  2. man i wish i knew wat my old baby sitter was up too, she was DOPE~!
  3. my old babysitter teeched me how to jerk off. she was pretty.

  4. She give you a hand? haha

  5. yo that's disturbing and at the same time intriguing~!

  6. lol hahaha that's just great.

    but are you being sarcastic i cant tell?
  7. Never had a baby sitter in my life...I guess parents never cared ahah.
  8. Last time I saw my old babysitter was last summer. Me, my bro and his girl wanted to go get somethin to eat and we decided to munch out at Chili's, sure enough my old babysitter was a hostess and lookin fine as hell.
  9. My old babysitter is a Psychiatrist now. Hahahaha

    I'd eat some of her benzo's....

    Damn she was fine.
  10. My old babysitter works or the FBI now I think. Idk I could be wrong last time I heard she was finishing law school and trying to become a Fed either was she was so hot. I'd have to say it was my first crush.
  11. no, just fucking with you all. i always secretly wished that she'd molest or somehow seduce me, but it never happened.

  12. :laughing:
    haha, i had a hot babysitter as well...
  13. somewhere in france

    got married afew years back i know

    other one

    south dakota i think still get xmas cards from her

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