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Whats your occupation ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MountainDank, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. #1 MountainDank, Dec 29, 2012
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    I'm curious to see What careers my fellow blades are occupied in or on there way to be ? I've seen a few law students but What else ? What do you aspire to be ?
  2. I work for the internet
  3. I go to college for business administration and work part at a supermarket
  4. Theres already this thread
  5. Crew trainer at Mcdys.
  6. Ummm I clarified with occupation and career. Not What fast food chain do you work at? I'm interested in finding smokers that are trying to do something with their life. Not potheads that mop floors. I want this thread to be a inspiration and to show ppl that are making it big and still loving the herb.
  7. Trust fund baby
  8. Lol and I wasn't directing any negativity (or any negativity for that matter) you just happened to put that as I was typing . I'm still interested What is your end game? What do you aspire to be ?
  9. work smoking good tree 9-5

    smoke even better after work
  10. man why you hating on my man flipping burgers?
  11. Nice ! What do you do?
  12. I'm not hating . Did you read the part about CAREER ? I'm looking for something that makes a living not just get by. Something you could meet a girl with and impress her and her parents with .
  13. Well OP....what do YOU do?
  14. I'm currently unemployed but will be working at a factory . But I would like to be a pilot or a business owner. I sense hostility. It's uneeded. I know its hard to Tell emotion just by reading but I assure I mean not to be rude. I just want to hear about ppl that are doing well not paycheck to paycheck.
  15. Teach high school math. Probably science next year.
  16. So anyone who does not have a higher end job isn't trying to do anything with there life? OK there buddy what exactly do you do? You do understand that without people that are forced to work for minimum wage or close to it, the higher end people would be fucked.
    Just remember, for most jobs, someones got to do it.
  17. Not going to find many career driven people posting on a marijuana forum....

    Just the simple fact. And if there are any, they probably wont post in here what they do and where for obvious reasons.....

    And from what i've seen most people on here are still in college

    Getting my Mechanical Engineering Technology BS degree and im not sure what im going to do with it but obviously something to do with engineering. lol
  18. I do pretty decent being a metal fabricator.
  19. You didn't read the last sentence did you ? If you just work at bk and aren't trying to do something with your life then your not doing anything with your life . Which is where I used to work and quit because of that reason.
  20. A lot of people on here are younger and haven't gotten into a career yet, as they are in college/just out of college. So yeah, a lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck. It's how you start out. I think it's a good way to learn the value of money

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